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Design and energy efficiency at their best!

Commitment to energy-efficient building

HUF architecture involves the environment directly in the living experience. From this closeness and connectedness to nature, the company feels a duty to act in an environmentally responsible way. HUF HAUS thus has a special focus on energy efficiency in its innovation work. With the green[r]evolution generation of houses, HUF HAUS launched a new design principle back in 2009, achieving a level of energy efficiency that was revolutionary in timber-frame construction. With the further development of the plus-energy house, the long-standing family company has laid yet another foundation for sustainable living and systematically enhanced this generation of houses.

Design meets high-tech

With its new show house in Kindhausen, HUF HAUS is remaining true to its classic purist architectural philosophy. The free living ambience and direct link to the surrounding nature have been preserved in full – the floor-length glass facades create transparency and open up a view of the gardens with high-quality wooden terrace. The house’s clean architectural style is also reflected in the interior design where design classics meet high-tech installations to create a stylish impression.

Data regarding the house

House type


Gross internal area, ground floor

159.54 m²

Gross internal area, first floor

120.95 m²


178.67 m²


13.85 m x 12.90 m


Air-to-water heat pump





An unobstructed view outdoors

Efficiency is modern!

Efficient use of regenerative energies, improved thermal insulation and cutting-edge house technology enable the house to produce more energy than it uses.

Nevertheless, HUF HAUS remains true to its architectural principles.

The house has an aesthetically pleasing appearance with open room design, large glass surfaces and exclusive design –

an architecture that promises special home comfort. The future-focused house concept has now been awarded the protected quality label MINERGIE® for new buildings.

The specific energy consumption is the variable used to quantify the required construction quality.
“We are very pleased to be awarded this certificate.
It highlights our endeavours to develop intelligent solutions that are energy efficient while providing maximum home living comfort,” explained Georg Huf, managing partner of HUF HAUS.

Floor plans

Ground floor

First floor



HUF house ART 5