ART 6-9 sample 2

Inspiration for the senses

The story behind the house

Let’s start with a tour through the new flagship HUF house in Brooklands, Weybridge. At first glance it’s a typical HUF house. But wait! A detail catches the eye, with a subtle and pleasant effect. The new colour “HUF dark grey” with its gentle surface sheen reveals new aspects of the post-and-beam structure, harmonising perfectly with the coordinated colour accents of the front door and the interior as seen from outside.

The entrance area covered by the recess gives an initial impression of being safely at home. We step inside. This entrance fascinates you instantly, fully capturing your attention. Thank goodness that nature provided us with the gift of three-dimensional vision! In the horizontal visual axis, a little bit of cultivated nature is displayed behind extensive glass surfaces, lit according to the particular time of day, resembling a mural and complementing the entrance area. In front of it, in an unusual position, is a spacious dining area. At the same time, your attention is drawn upwards by the staircase that seems to float in mid-air.

A visual experience in words

Once again, the distant view through the large-scale skylights harmonises with an interesting perspective of a “bridge” that links the left and right living wings on the first floor while also functioning as a library. It’s worth spending a little time here to take in the spatial freedom, the force of the natural materials and the harmony of all the design elements. Taking a deep breath may help you to accept that you cannot move in straight away.

Take a few more steps. Now, to the right of the roof-height dining area, a living area with seating area opens up, seamlessly transitioning into a terrace lounge. Indoors or outdoors is now just a matter of the weather. All around, the natural garden enriches life in this house with an old stock of trees. 

Flooded with light, with character ever-changing due to the natural cycle of night and day and the rhythm of the seasons – this is a perfect place for a relaxing end to a difficult day, where you can start the new day refreshed. 

Data regarding the house

House type


Gross internal area, ground floor

202.05 m²

Gross internal area, first floor

164.70 m²


225.28 m²


14.80 m x 14.80 m


Ice storage heating


Exclusive Interior


Plus-energy house

A little piece of cosiness


In a collaboration between the international company B&B Italia, the architects of HUF HAUS and the HUF subsidiary StilART, it has been possible to execute an interior-design concept that is a unique symbiosis of architecture and furnishings.
The carefully selected and skilfully positioned art objects provide dramatic contrasts to the clean line of the structure and the classic modern style of B&B Italia. 

 It is with a heavy heart that we end our tour of this unusual house, as there is only one thing we really want to do, and that’s

Floor plans

Ground floor

First floor


HUF house ART 6