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Advantages and disadvantages
Are you faced with the difficult decision of whether to buy or build a house?

Some consider the purchase of an existing property and would like to renovate and redevelop on their own. Others, on the other hand, prefer the idea of a new building - a house that is tailor-made and individually planned and realised. Ask yourself what home-human you are: Single-family house owner with a large plot of land, sociable multi-family dweller or technology savvy individualist?

Who prefers the idea of a relaxed building process, has even little time, in order to become craftsmanlike active and an optimal building execution in all trades wishes, the building of a new house is recommended to itself. HUF HAUS offers an almost infinite variety in the interpretation of modern timber frame architecture. The flexible floor plan design is designed exactly according to your wishes, you do not have to be satisfied with existing conditions.

Building vs. Buying

Building vs. Buying

Buying a home means that you have to fall back on the existing properties that the market is currently offering. You may find a suitable property, but in most cases you have to live with one or the other compromise.

Quite different when you are building a house. In this case, you will get a completely new house, which only takes up your story. In addition, you are completely free in the design of the individual rooms. You can design your own individual floor plan together with an experienced architect and are also your own (house) master when it comes to interior design.

We are also happy to implement unusual or unusual ideas in harmony with you. If you are interested, we will be happy to send you comprehensive and meaningful brochures by post or offer it for download as a PDF file.
For all your questions we are at your disposal both by telephone and by e-mail.

Advantage when building a new house: Energy Efficiency

Advantage when building a new house: Energy Efficiency

In designing the energy efficiency of all new timber frame houses, HUF HAUS has opted for a method that ensures extremely low energy consumption despite generous glass surfaces. In any case, your new building is a KfW Efficiency House 55 (German energy standard)!

If you buy a house, you may have to carry out energetic renovations, the costs of which cannot always be accurately estimated in advance.

If you decide to build a new house, you will benefit from the valuable know-how of HUF engineers, who have set new standards in half-timbered construction, once again proving that the centuries-old technology of building with wood has a good future - provided you intelligently adapt it to the new challenges. In addition to the continuous triple thermal insulation glazing, all HUF houses feature extremely efficient thermal insulation, which can even be flexibly adapted to the external conditions of different climatic regions. In addition, the modern and reliable building technology makes a significant contribution to long-term energy savings and at the same time to a high level of living comfort. This includes the highly efficient air/water heat pump as well as modern underfloor heating.

On request, controlled ventilation systems or solar and photovoltaic systems can be included in the overall planning and carefully installed to create a reliable overall system. Modern building automation systems, with which almost all functions of the house can be controlled, can also be easily integrated.

Our Service Promise

Our Service Promise

While seller and buyer of an existing property usually do not see each other again after the transaction, we at HUF HAUS are also there for you well beyond the time of the happy move into the new house, be it the periodically performed house checks of the HUF service team, be it a later extension of the house or a desired adjustment to changed living needs.

The HUF team also maintains permanent contact with customers through the annual events of the "HUF Haus Owners Club". 

It goes without saying that our competent and committed employees at every HUF location are available for a personal consultation to help you with advice and action on the complex question: "Build or buy a house?