Building a bungalow: Prices "turnkey and ready to move in".

Do you want to build a bungalow? You can find out the price for a turnkey, modern and energy-efficient bungalow including all details by talking to your HUF HAUS team UK. We combine living on one level with timeless architecture.

Our prices for turnkey bungalow construction include above-average equipment and outstanding quality. We accompany you from the first non-binding consultation through detailed planning to handing over the keys - all from one experienced source!

What does "turnkey" mean when you build a HUF bungalow?

When building bungalows, it is essential to compare the prices of turnkey houses in advance of any construction project. The devil is in the detail, because formally and legally there is no uniform definition for the term "turnkey".

When working with HUF HAUS, you benefit from maximum transparency and an exact description of all our services - precisely and including many high-quality details. For us, "turnkey" means that we take over both the exterior construction and the interior finishing up to the complete completion.

Building a bungalow - "turnkey" prices

The calculation of our prices for a turnkey bungalow already begins with the preliminary considerations. During the inspection of the property and the preparation of the first drafts we stand by your side and develop the individual details in constant dialogue with you. Whether you as a whole family dream of a sufficiently large, ground-level home with a lot of garden or wish to have a barrier-free house in single-storey construction in your old age - thanks to our wealth of experience, we have the right ideas for every taste.

Also included in the construction of your bungalow are the concrete execution plans as well as the smooth handling of all formalities with the building authorities in connection with the building permission.

When it comes to the concrete turnkey construction of your bungalow, we retain the specialist construction management during the entire construction process. Central components such as the proper and professional assumption of the heating, electrical and sanitary installations are carried out by our experienced engineers. The many advantages are obvious and consist not least of a precisely coordinated architecture and concept.

The costs for turnkey construction also include the preparation of a tailor-made ventilation concept, an energy performance certificate and numerous engineering services. These are just a few examples. We also document the complete construction supervision completely and in detail.

What other services does "turnkey construction" include at HUF HAUS?

If you build your bungalow with HUF HAUS, the prices include the delivery of a turnkey building ready for you to move in. This also applies to the interior. Want some examples?

This includes, among many other things, the floor coverings, the skirting boards or the plastering of the interior and exterior walls. Also the doors are manufactured by us and show a maximum of technical precision and experience.

In order to build your bungalow turnkey down to the last detail, we also offer furniture from our own manufacture and garden design on request. In this way a seamless integration of the surrounding nature into the bungalow is achieved.

We attach great importance to sustainability in all our activities. Every house that leaves our factory in the future is awarded the German Sustainable Building Council's top gold rating and meets the highest quality and sustainability criteria.

Building bungalows in a relaxed way

After we have planned the individual details together with you and integrated them into the concept, you will receive a fixed price from us.

If you wish, as a future homeowner you can lean back and relax from this moment on and look forward to your dream bungalow!

Receive price information for your personal bungalow

Detailed planning discussions take place before the house is built. We will inform you about expected costs and the whole building process. Contact us and arrange a free and non-binding consultation with our specialists!

We would also like to invite you to visit our show house. Here you already get a lot of answers and win a first picture of your new home.

Of course, we are also happy to provide you with detailed information.

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