Building a luxury house

Would you like to make your dream come true and build a luxury house? HUF HAUS turns your dream into reality! While most homeowners are satisfied with more or less conventional house and living concepts, HUF HAUS is first and foremost committed to planning and building a luxury house for you individually. Three equal requirements are always fulfilled in one: Aesthetics, individuality and energy efficiency.

The luxurious thing about a HUF house is the generously dimensioned space. The architecture is tailored to the special wishes of the client. Thanks to the variability of HUF architecture and the creativity of the architects, there are no limits to your ideas about "building a luxury house". The centrepiece is a spatial experience that focuses on open living culture and at the same time offers homely retreat zones into the private sphere.

"We push quality to the limits of what is technically feasible and always try to be one step ahead of the high demands of our customers." Only with this attitude could HUF HAUS become the benchmark and role model for the industry and successfully establish itself internationally.

Build a luxury villa - Prefab house

The times when prefabricated houses stood for uniformity and cheap construction are long gone. On the contrary - more and more builders are discovering the advantages of prefabricated houses and deciding to build their own luxury villa with HUF HAUS. The plannability, the speed and the quality are particularly appreciated: Luxury prefabricated houses are completely prefabricated in the factory and built within a few weeks on a prepared cellar or a floor slab. The individual elements form the functional units. HUF luxury houses are always also energy-saving houses. Learn more about this during a visit to one of our show homes!

HUF half-timbered houses stand for individuality, so that you can build your very own luxury villa. No two HUF houses are the same, as the individual parts of the "skeleton" can be rearranged almost limitlessly. According to the client's wishes. HUF houses combine all the advantages of prefabricated houses with an unmistakable wood-glass look and a modern half-timbered design.

Visit us and realise your dream of your own luxury villa!

The true HUF luxury

What is important to you when building a new luxury house? An upscale residential house with spacious rooms, exclusive furnishings, a plot of land in a prime location or perhaps even your own wellness oasis? Would you like to create a special retreat? Then HUF HAUS is the right place for you! But the family business from the Westerwald offers much more than just a luxury villa! The construction of your luxury house needs to be well planned. Many details have to be considered until the dream of your own home comes true. It is a reassuring feeling for every client to know that all areas are in the hands of experienced, reliable partners. The companies of the HUF Group offer you this security.

The HUF HAUS team is at your side right from the start and accompanies you every step of the way. A tailor-made concept comprising financing, cellar and house planning, creative interior design and individual garden planning - exclusively from the HUF Group of Companies. Each company of the HUF Group has extensive experience in its special field and has been working for many years for and with the special requirements of the innovative HUF half-timbered architecture to be able to realize your personal luxury house. Together with the respective specialists of the group of companies, the owner of a HUF house is able to design the entire service chain of his project from a single source, so that at the end you can receive your luxury house ready for occupancy.

Because this time- and nerve-sparing way of building is the real luxury!