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Are you looking for an informative and inspiring house building catalogue?

Then you have come to the right place. Whether by download or post - choose from the various options offered by the HUF HAUS brochure world.

Find out everything about the special HUF experience, the unique living experience of the houses and the wide range of HUF HAUS products in a prefabricated house catalogue of your choice. Whether on the basis of impressive pictures, informative texts or versatile floor plans - for every interested party there is a suitable catalogue on the subject of "building a house" to help you find your dream house. A house that is planned and built according to your wishes - turnkey, on time, energy-efficient and of the highest quality. Take your time to leaf through the pages and learn more about the expressive symbiosis of wood and glass that gives every HUF house its unmistakable character.

But even the best pictures and wisest words can only imperfectly reflect the special flair of a HUF house. Therefore we cordially invite you to one of our show houses.

"First Impression" as catalogue for your prefab house

"First Impression" as catalogue for your prefab house

Would you like to gain your first impressions with a house building catalogue and find out all about building with HUF HAUS? The brochure "First Impression" will give you a clear idea of how stimulating and pleasant life in a HUF Haus can be.

Of course you will learn a lot about quality, energy efficiency, production and portfolio. Because as a family business with 108 years of experience, there is a lot to report! There is also a lot to discover visually here, because each of the HUF houses on display has been individually designed and adapted to the wishes and requirements of HUF customers.

Immerse yourself in the innovative world of HUF timbered architecture - the "First Impression" is just a mouse click away.

House catalogue with floor plans - HUF Compendium

House catalogue with floor plans - HUF Compendium

Each HUF house is unique. The extensive HUF Compendium, with its numerous floor plan booklets, illustrated books and information, is proof of this. No wonder that the high-quality compendium ranks among the most popular house building catalogs of the industry.

One of the reasons is certainly that there is so much information and suggestions at a glance - and all beautifully packaged! In the various brochures, for example, you will learn everything about the special features of the two construction lines ART and MODUM and you will receive many different floor plans, which will serve as inspiration for you. The detailed description of the building is particularly exciting. This makes it clear what advantages you can expect from HUF HAUS. From the complex construction details of the houses to the selection of biological building materials and high-quality sanitary equipment to the resource-saving heating systems, you will really learn everything you want to know about your dream house.

At the same time, you can take a look at the building projects that have already been completed, which are attached to the elaborate compendium in the form of a "Impression brochure".

A perfect mix of inspiration and information. The examples in the catalogue are only intended as suggestions; of course, the experienced architects at HUF HAUS plan your individual single or multi-family house, tailored to the property situation and taking into account the building regulations.

Would you like to find out more about the advantages of HUF HAUS online now? No problem, the most exciting points are summarised here for you.


Prefab house catalogue - directly to your home

Prefab house catalogue - directly to your home

Either by mail directly into the living room or on site in one of our show houses throughout Europe.

The most personal and at the same time most eventful way is certainly to visit one of the numerous HUF show houses. In each show house and the large show house exhibition "HUF Dorf" at the company location Hartenfels, competent and committed employees are ready to answer your questions. The experienced HUF consultants will provide you with a selection of different house building catalogues according to your wishes, which you can take home with you.

Of course, you can also request the desired catalogues easily and conveniently online on the HUF HAUS homepage and browse through the high-quality brochures at home. If you would like to find out more about current topics, new products and events, you should also register for the HUF newsletter.

Of course, you can also order your desired house building catalogue as a PDF or print version!