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The Original. Since 1912.
With more than 107 years of experience, the German family-owned company HUF HAUS represents the most famous and bespoke home manufacturer brand in Europe. For clients who chose to live in a transparant and generous HUF house luxury can be many things but above all it should express itself in a superior quality of life. The construction of the house and the love to detail is comparable to that of Bentley or Rolls Royce in automotive industry.

The HUF HAUS philosophy, where a luxury lifestyle and eco-friendly living should not be mutually exclusive, has led the company to continually refine their designs to be more energy efficient while retaining and improving aesthetic quality. The company produces a limited number of houses each year, around 100, which gives the concept an exclusive edge. Among the company's clients are well known names from the film, sport and business circles around the world.

21st century
The HUF brand has been awarded in many different categories: For precision, manufacturing reliability, product reliability, technological innovation, but all about its clearly recognizable, unmistakable design. Transforming the concept of classic timber frame architecture in a beautiful modern home, each HUF house benefits from two main components - a skeleton of solid wood and generous glass elements with floor-to-ceiling glazing. Тhis way the houses, on the one hand, are light, spacious and bright. At the same time the timber construction is equally solid, durable and environmentally friendly because of using renewable raw materials.

German quality from A to Z
Another hallmark of the HUF brand is the is the comprehensive service quality throughout the planning and construction process.  The planning phase begins with an exploration of the property by German architects, goes through the design of the house according to the individual requirements of the client, and ends with the development of a virtual 3D project that illustrates the home before it is built. Once approved by the client, the house begins to be manufactured in Germany. Subsequently, all elements are carefully transported and assembled on site from an experienced German team.

In addition to a bespoke design and construction, HUF HAUS clients have access to a wide range of interlinked services including the organisation of  basement constructions, interior fittings, furnishings, landscape and garden design, design and implementation of heating systems, ventilation and home control systems with the latest technologies.  HUF HAUS owners benefit from many years of experience in creating the perfect home.

Choosing a HUF HAUS means choosing a life in harmony with nature and a home habitat characterized by the highest standards of quality and comfort. Light, natural materials of the best quality and space are the basic elements of our projects. Creating the best living comfort is our goal.

Our design knowledge and our experience are at your complete disposal to create your dream home. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for any commercial or technical request.

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First HUF HAUS in Bulgaria

We are very pleased to present you the first HUF house in Bulgaria.
It is located in Sofia outskirts with an amazing view of Vitosha mountain on south and the capital – Sofia on north.

The owners of this modern HUF house have also created their own personal dream home. They came across a wonderful plot of land and purchased it right away. The couple yearned for more modernity and style – they particularly wanted high ceilings and not too many rooms, preferring more openness and fluid transitions. Meanwhile we are in a process of designing a second individually planned HUF house right next to this one, which should be turnkey ready in few months.

You can check out the video, which shows the process of montaging the construction, which took the HUF HAUS team only 9 days. Also photos will be available soon!

Photo Gallery

Each HUF House is individually designed for you by our experienced architects.
Your needs and wishes are the focal point of the design taking into account the land conditions, the climate and your budget.

Enjoy a selection of existing dream houses. Click on the photos to open the gallery: