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Behind the term house design lies not only a visual "eye-catcher", but above all a building that has been cleverly designed down to the last detail. A well-known quote is that design is also "what you can't see". This includes, for example, the connection to nature or the unique atmosphere, which can hardly be expressed in words.

A design house is an expression of one's own personality and the individual demand for living space, so that of course the outward appearance, coupled with the "inner values", plays a particularly important role.

As proof of the timeless, representative elegance, the impressive appearance of this architectural and design classic has been carefully adapted to contemporary tastes over many years. In this way, the special character has been preserved until today and for the future. The distinctive timber elements and the generous glass surfaces of the house determine the unique and clearly structured appearance.

Despite these unmistakable features, each HUF house is a highly individually planned architectural house that is planned entirely according to the wishes and requirements of the residents. The HUF architecture integrates the surroundings directly into the living experience: The timbered house is optimally adapted to the respective property situation in order to create a harmonious interplay of nature and house.

What distinguishes a designer house from other houses?

What distinguishes a designer house from other houses?

Over the years, the transparent timber and glass architecture of the HUF design houses has been skilfully adapted to the spirit of times, refined in detail and technically perfected. All HUF houses reflect the lifestyle of nature-conscious people who demand high standards of comfort and design.

In addition, there is maximum functionality and harmonious integration into the environment. Only if the individual factors in house construction come together can a designer house meet the highest standards and guarantee the best living comfort for generations to come. Of course, this also includes "design elements" and manifests itself in the floor-to-ceiling glazing, the exclusive fittings or the smart building technology.
Are you interested? Then contact us and we will send you informative information material by post. Alternatively, you can also receive a PDF file containing all important points and information about our company and our products, including House design. Of course, we will also be happy to answer your questions during a telephone call.

How can I build a design house?

How can I build a design house?

The elements timber and glass come together in the HUF House to form a typically reduced and clear design. In this way we create an aesthetic that is timeless in its clarity and stringency and is consistently continued through to the interior design. If you too would like to build a design house, we are here for you.

The first step is the planning, which is carried out by experienced architects. In detailed discussions, your wishes and ideas will be further developed into a sustainable concept. A HUF Haus designer house uses natural and healthy building materials such as timber, which emphasise the special character of the house and ensure the special feeling of living that will accompany you from now on.

To build a designer house, feel free to contact us or let us name one of numerous reference projects throughout Europe. This will give you the opportunity to see examples of our work in your immediate surroundings.

This is possible in bundled form in our HUF village in Hartenfels, where six show houses are available for you to view.  We look forward to your visit and will be happy to arrange a first meeting with one of our sales consultants to create your personal house design.

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