Apartment buildings

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The wood and glass architecture of HUF HAUS is more than suitable for multifamily homes as evidenced by the many created so far. The robust quality, combined with excellent sound insulation inside and out makes these properties a magnet for demanding and solvent tenants. All relevant fire safety requirements are already met by HUF HAUS.

Apartment houses from 2 up to 40 units - HUF HAUS is an expert for individual and special projects. It is certainly worthwhile to contact us in the early stages of the planning process so that our team can help bring your ideas and project to life.

Project Sample
Apartment buildings

HUF Apartment buildings use no templates; each house is designed by a HUF architect to meet the individual requirements of the client and to suit the layout and conditions of the plot.

To allow for the smooth running of the project the HUF team maintain efficiency and competency from the earliest stages of the design, throughout each process until the house has been completed and handed over to the client. Our pride and our conscientious approach to each project can only allow for a build to be termed as ‘complete’ once HUF HAUS are fully satisfied with their work and the client is absolutely thrilled with the result.


Multifamily houses

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