Your luxury bungalow for a maximum quality of life

A HUF HAUS luxury bungalow guarantees barrier-free living on one level. We face this architectural challenge every day anew and realize your dream home without stairs and without barriers. You alone decide on the individual details.

First of all, a bungalow is characterized by its exclusivity. For many years, this one-storey building was a status symbol, which was related to the fact that a large plot of land was needed to build a bungalow.

Nowadays, bungalows are not only popular for large plots, but are first and foremost the epitome of freedom, lightness, individual and generously proportioned floor space and versatility - pure luxury for creative homeowners!

Just as your living space is delimited in the best sense of the word, we focus on ingenuity and thinking without blinkers in our joint dialogue.

A wealth of ideas under the roof

Perhaps you already have first ideas regarding the design of your modern bungalow. We listen to you attentively and develop a vision together with you and finally your new turnkey refuge.

The flat roof version is generally regarded as a classic. The clarity of the lines makes you think remotely of the architecture of the Bauhaus and gives your house a high degree of modernity. The flat roof version also offers almost limitless freedom in terms of layout and gives you the opportunity to tread new and unusual paths.

A breath of Far Eastern building and life culture, on the other hand, is conveyed by the design with a saddle roof. Such a luxury bungalow stands for a maximum quantity of spaciousness and delights in this context with high ceilings. New lines of sight are opening up everywhere, flooded by incident daylight.

Luxury bungalow floor plans - flexible living concept

A luxury bungalow is characterized by the fact that the entire living space is on one floor. Generousness is thus guaranteed, which is also reflected in the footprint. In some cases, it may prove to be the ideal solution if you place your bet on an angle bungalow and thus deviate from the classic shape. Depending on the chosen form, it is also possible to separate work from living areas. A further advantage of this implementation is the wind protection for the planned terraces. In general, a luxury bungalow is in constant dialogue with the surrounding nature, which also manifests itself in floor-to-ceiling windows and numerous entrances to the garden.

When it comes to room arrangement, a bungalow offers a high degree of flexibility so that you can react to changing life situations again and again. This can be the case, for example, if several children's rooms are planned first, but the house has to be equipped according to the age in later years.

And to pre-empt one of the most frequently asked questions: Of course, this also means that your individual luxury bungalow may have a basement. The resulting additional space can be used, for example, to accommodate the building services or as useful storage space.

Also a luxury bungalow with garage, adjacent carport or other building elements is possible. What your house offers, you decide in the end!

How to build a prefab bungalow

A bungalow as a prefabricated house can easily be realised with HUF HAUS. The advantages are obvious and consist above all in the fast implementation and the already finished concept. The individual components are prefabricated throughout in our factory in Hartenfels and together form so-called functional units.

A significant feature of a HUF HAUS prefabricated house bungalow is the generous and area-wide use of triple-insulated thermal insulation glass.

In the construction of the roof we rely on the knowledge of the half-timbered principle and thus continue a centuries-old tradition. As wood plays a decisive role in the construction, every luxury bungalow gets something organic, something alive, so to speak.

Of course, the interior design is also taken into consideration: you can choose from numerous different options. In any case, we work with high-quality materials, which give you a long living pleasure.

Buying a luxury Bungalow - Your way to your dream home

There are different ways to your individual bungalow. How about a tour of the show house first? In this context, you will directly get a three-dimensional impression and can experience the fascination of HUF HAUS up close. In addition, a visit to one of our show houses offers the possibility of a direct conversation and gives your creativity and imagination the necessary framework to develop initial ideas for implementation.

You are also welcome to request detailed information material from us. Take your time and choose a bungalow as an individual prefabricated house. We will also be happy to provide you with further information regarding financing.

Your contact to us is of course completely non-binding. We look forward to seeing you and planning your future HUF HAUS bungalow!