Modern Residential Architecture

Recognisably distinctive

Building a house in glass house architecture or modern Bauhaus architecture with HUF HAUS starts with you. You will meet with an award-winning architect to discuss your needs to create a house that is just right for you. Building a house is one of the most important decisions you will make. Let our years of expertise in architecture and design for homes guide you through the experience. 

With such an important decision you’ll want to have a reliable partner on your side. We invite you to profit from our more than 105 years of experience in building post and beam houses in a contemporary style. Enjoy a relaxed building process with a guaranteed price and planning security through having the entire build managed by one company.

Floor Plan Development for great residential architecture

Individual planning

In designing your house, the architect will consider the plot and the planning regulations and come up with a design that reflects the way you live. Difficult plots do not daunt our team of professionals.  When you find the perfect plot, we will find a way to build a modern architecture house on it.

Whether you’re building a family home on a narrow plot or an idyllic getaway on a craggy coastline, let the stunning past projects on our website inspire you.

These stunning HUF houses are just a taste of the possibilities.

What does a HUF HAUS cost?

Building with a guaranteed fixed price

The cost of the house depends on the scope of the project, but at HUF HAUS you have the peace of mind of having the price quoted right from the start. For the first phase of the process, the design phase, you will engage our award-winning architect to develop ideas for your house. These ideas will translate into a fully conceptualised house, complete with drawings and a 3D visualisation.

Once the dream house is designed and your desired interior specification is determined, we will tell you what the project will cost and, more importantly, we will stick to what we say.

Building a modern architectural house

Relaxed and in control from beginning to end

Deciding to build a characteristic HUF house means enjoying a hassle-free process from beginning to end. HUF HAUS takes care of everything from the initial concept design to the last bathroom tile.

With financing, garden design and even furniture specialists, the HUF Group can handle every aspect of your build. From residential elevators to back garden airplane hangars, you can relax knowing that HUF with its modern house architecture can provide a myriad of tailored services.