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Timber frame realised masterfully

The story behind the house

The MODUM HUF house in elegant ebony-coloured design is a real thrill for lovers of design and architecture at first sight. The clever combination of floor-to-ceiling glazing and white plaster panels provides brings variety to the visual appearance of the characteristic HUF house.

The modern timber-frame house is embedded in the greenery of the secluded garden on one side and adjacent to the driveway with double carport on the other, fitting in perfectly with the surrounding landscape. Visitors are dazzled by the claret violet front door, which leads the way inside – past a graceful Buddha statue.

Welcome to the future

The entrance area takes you into the smart world of the inhabitants, who can activate the “welcome” scenario in seconds via a touch panel: the lights in the open living and dining area are switched on, the blinds are opened and the selected music begins to play. The touch panels in the house are not simply design objects: they provide practical information on the current energy data for the building, the weather and incoming e-mails. 

An intelligent network ensures that the household appliances are also integrated into the building automation, enabling certain power-consumers to be switched off automatically when a predefined limit value is reached. Of course, the smart system is aware that the dishwasher, for example, mustn’t be switched off in the middle of a cycle! 

More details about the house

House type

MODUM 7:11

Gross internal area, ground floor

102.63 m²

Gross internal area, first floor

85.57 m²


121.93 m²


8.90 m x 13.70 m


Air-to-water heat pump


HUF Carport



Cool stuff. Simple control at your fingertips.

Smart architectural concept

The spacious HUF house has two storeys. With great foresight, the designers planned the ground floor as an accessible bungalow:
in addition to the kitchen and open living area, the ground floor contains a guest bathroom, office and compact utility room. In the dining area, the ceiling opening above the dining table provides plenty of headroom and extends the line of sight to below the roof.

The floor-to-ceiling glazing provides an unobstructed view into the tasteful garden, which invites guests to spend a little time outdoors with its violet seating furniture and spectacular lighting concept.
  Entertaining guests with music is simple: the multimedia system in the living room is controlled via the Sonos software that can be called up by app on the touch panel and links all the built-in sound components in the house.

Floor plans

Ground floor

First floor


HUF house MODUM 7:11

Interview with the owners

While the sweltering summer heat continues outside, indoors is refreshingly cool. Smart technology or a dream? 
No, in addition to equipping our house with smart home technology, we have combined it with an innovative cooling concept based on thermally active ComfortBoard panels, automatically controlled blinds and night-time ventilation. This makes for perfect temperatures indoors even in the middle of summer, with no additional technology.

What did you focus on in the planning phase?
The only thing we chose not to have was a cellar, simply because the groundwater on site was so high that building underground would be too costly. But the advantage of this decision is that the house is fully accessible. The ground floor is basically made up of one big room, where we live, eat and cook. 

What features do you think stand out particularly?
We wanted to have as much glazing as the German energy saving regulations would allow, to make it as bright as possible inside the house. 60% of the outer shell is therefore glazed. 

How is life different in your new house?
In our last house, our evening ritual involved switching off all the lights and, in summer, sometimes opening all the windows. Now we can do all of this with our fingertips!

What things do you like the most?
The unique level of lighting provides plenty of natural light during the day and charming lighting effects are created at night.

Tell us about the DGNB Gold certification.
As parents-to-be, healthy living was an especially important factor for us. This was why we had our house certified by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), together with HUF HAUS. We had no problems at all obtaining the Gold plaque!