It’s like paradise! Heavenly Pools

Dive in!

Dive into your own paradise. Whether it is the azure blue, reflecting pool or the healthy green garden that your eyes feast upon, enjoy plunging into this feature!

Dreaming of a Home in the countryside complete with a pool? Some of our HUF House owners have made this fantastic dream a reality and created their own personal garden oasis.

When planning and constructing a client pool the individual placement and harmonious integration with architecture and garden are particularly important. As with all HUF HAUS builds, nature is held at the very centre and plays a vital role in everyday life.

The shimmering pool is hypnotically attractive and so the position in relation to the sun during the day plays a decisive role in placement. Careful checks should be made as to whether any trees are in the immediate vicinity where dropped leaves could cause issue or create additional work.

The garden and landscape architects of GartenART – part of the HUF group of companies - are the competent partners for pool integration and overall planning. Selecting the optimum pool concept and suitable swimming pool technology is the first step to your floating pleasure and swimming paradise.

HUF HAUS have the professional experience of working with award-winning company SSF Schwimmbad

"More and more customers don't just want a pool - they want a relaxation area that is coordinated down to the last detail, appeals to all the senses and invites you not just to swim or refresh yourself, but to rest. This new form of pool garden is often vividly described as a 'green living room', because here the owners can actually spend many hours with family and friends in a relaxing atmosphere away from everyday life." Phillip Rock, Managing Director SSF Schwimmbad GmbH


Founded in 1975 SSF has created over 12,000 pool and wellness facilities in Germany and abroad, and has become Euopres first of port of call for all exclusive pool and wellness projects.

With this correct business partnership all you need to do is Dive in and enjoy...

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