HUF HAUS enters Belgian market

HUF houses are gaining in popularity

Prefab housing has been gaining in popularity in Belgium over the last couple of years. Up until now it have mainly been local players that are catering the market. But that is about to change: German player HUF HAUS, the company that pioneered high-end pre-manufactured timber and glass homes, just arrived on the local market. Having already successfully established the HUF brand in several European countries, the house manufacturer has now set its eyes firmly on Belgium, and is ready to shake things up.

HUF HAUS, a family-owned German construction builder, is the European market leader for contemporary post and beam prefab architecture. It constructs turnkey premium single family dwellings  as well as commercial buildings, duplex houses  and townhouses.  HUF HAUS started 108 years ago as a carpenter shop and today produces about 100 exclusive timber frame houses per year, of which around 40 % are exported worldwide. Now in its third generation – represented by CEO Georg Huf – HUF HAUS is preparing to welcome its fourth generation of the Huf family to the helm.

The complex production process happens in Hartenfels, a tiny village just at the other side of the Belgian border. Some of the most lavish houses in the world are being constructed and transported all over the world, from China to Russia to the US, where they are being carefully assembled in just a couple of weeks by a dedicated team. The company has consistently and successfully implemented its strategy for internationalization: Already in 1958 HUF HAUS was awarded the privilege to build the German pavilions and the Arab pavilion at the World Exhibition in Brussels which was the first international success for the company.

Since then HUF HAUS has been active in different territories, all over the world in China, Norway, The Netherlands, Ireland, Austria, UK, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Romania, Luxembourg and Sweden. And now the company wants to strengthen its activities in  Belgium.

Fast construction time. Precise German craftsmanship. Highest quality.

The HUF HAUS portfolio is easily distinguishable with its bespoke architecture and classic design. Adapted over the course of more than a century, the post and beam structure that demarcates a HUF HAUS appeals to contemporary tastes, with a gentle nod to its heritage.  Every HUF house is individually designed by an in-house architect on a bespoke basis pending the preferences of each client, and to fit within its local context and building regulations.

To make the construction process as smooth as possible for its clients, the company offers all services from one single source with the specialists from the HUF Group. Every company in the HUF Group has extensive experience in its own field of expertise and has worked for many years with the particular requirements of HUF’s innovative timber frame architecture.

“Our team at HUF HAUS oversees each stage of the design, development, construction and interiors of its properties, from conception to completion. Our team draws on decades of expertise to execute an efficient, precise build. We put the same amount of attention into the detail of a basement as we do in craftsman-made furniture and landscape architecture. Depending on the size of the house, it takes an average of two weeks to assemble a HUF house. This is followed by the interior work, where all trades are perfectly coordinated with each other. Building a modular HUF house with premium quality building materials compared to a traditional brick house happens at least twice as fast,” explains Georg Huf.“And the weather has less impact on the schedule. Which is very useful in a country such as Belgium!”

Patented and innovative building techniques co-developed with universities and external experts

Compared to conventional construction methods, HUF HAUS benefits from its prefabrication concept; the controlled conditions in the factory make it possible to achieve the highest standards of quality and assures that the on-site assembly runs smoothly and quickly. It therefore features a very fast build time and a unique selling proposition for HUF HAUS. As the production of the tailor-made houses take place exclusively at Hartenfels, innovations and the latest technologies can be developed, tested and established much more quickly. The family owned company is even working together with universities to create new bespoke building techniques that define next generation building.

“The HUF houses from the past and the HUF houses from today still have one thing in common: the characteristic design with its spacious, generous and open-plan concept. But if you look at the inside of the houses, i.e. the construction with its complex details, a lot has changed. Starting with the wall construction with thermal insulation, due to the increased demands on energy efficiency, up to the smart home features, which we integrate almost invisibly into the construction. The face has remained, but the technique is completely different.” explains Michael Baumann, sales and marketing director.

In May 2018 HUF HAUS presented the firstconcept show housein Hartenfels, that was developed together with IBM in order to find out how artificial intelligence can have a positive influence on daily living.

Sustainable lifestyle

HUF HAUS exclusively uses premium quality building materials to underline their philosophy: Living in harmony with nature. The houses show unparalleled insulation, airtightness and fabric efficiency and are powered by its surroundings, drawing on sunlight, air and soil, dispensing with the need for fossil fuels. Photovoltaic panels are often installed, generating more electricity than the house needs. HUF HAUS works exclusively with quality marked, certified and biologically impeccable materials – without using any tropical timber. As recipients of a Platinum certification from the German Sustainable Building Council  for its UK show house – Riverview in Weybridge, Surrey, HUF HAUS has received the highest possible recognition for its commitment to designing and building eco-conscious homes. Going forward, every HUF house that leaves the factory in Germany will be credited with a Gold certification.

“We are a firm believer of sustainable construction and delivering carbon neutral homes, whilst delivering timeless architecture in harmony with the surrounding nature. We like to call this ‘eco-luxury’ and love to prove you can easily integrate sustainability and sophisticated engineering without having to sacrifice environmental consciousness,” reveals Alexander Huf, a fourth generation HUF architect.

First Belgian HUF house MODUM

In July 2015, just across the German border the first Belgian HUF house MODUM was built by Belgian owners Kim and Benedikt. The young family fell in love with the HUF HAUS style:

“Our home shows how sustainability and elegance blends perfectly together. With our generous glazing we literally have a visual gateway to the surrounding nature. A unique living experience! In my previous home I used to hate it when the weather was stormy outside, now I absolutely love it. We always feel so safe and secure inside.” says Kim.