HUF extension to an existing HUF house

If you have got used to living in a HUF house with all its advantages, you won’t want to miss the open living ambience anymore. Especially when the family is getting bigger or guests should have enough space in the house. The flexible half-timbered architecture of HUF HAUS makes it possible to create living space extensions in the form of extensions. Harmonious and architecturally precise, of course.

This ServiceART project shows how intelligently new living space can be planned if there is suddenly not enough space for the family. If nothing stands in the way of the extension from the point of view of the authorities, the architects from HUF HAUS go to work. The same attention to detail is shown as in the planning of a new house.

Communicative connection

The extension shown here is an optical continuation of the house and extends the room program by a guest apartment and a stylish kitchenette with bar in the connecting corridor. The guest apartment is intended for children and grandchildren and has modern package floors as well as tailor-made StilART furniture.

If you are a guest in this spacious bedroom, you will certainly be pleased about the extraordinary sleeping situation with loft bed, from which you can look into nature. Hours can be spent together at the elegant bar in the connecting corridor. Through the floor-to-ceiling glazing, family and friends can enjoy the glass view of the fishpond.