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Spaces, styles and trends require modifications. HUF HAUS has a ServiceART team who can assist you, to allow your home to re-adjust to your changing requirements. Whether you built an original HUF house or acquired one, our aim is to modernise it without losing its original character.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email serviceart@huf-haus.com or via the contact form.

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Services at ServiceART

Extensions and Conversions:

For every home-  the right solution.

To plan in good foresight with reserves his property, is ideally equipped for an extension.
The modular, timber-frame architecture of HUF HAUS is purposely adaptable for easy expansion of living space even after many years. 

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Services at ServiceART

Energy Efficiency

The challenges of environmental change bring increasing demands on heating and air conditioning. We rise to these challenges with a wide range of efficient heating and air conditioning systems. Our energy efficient roof design complies with the current EnEV requirements and is therefore promoted by the KfW. 

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Services at ServiceART


“Change is as good as a rest”

Over the years many people wish to adapt their homes to their changing needs or styles, or just to breathe new life into their own four walls. Whether it be bathroom modernisation, renovation of flooring or new and exclusive furniture concepts - seek advice from our experts, you will be amazed at the many options available to you.

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Services at ServiceART

Maintenance painting

In the interest of wood protection and preserving your home, we recommend repainting your home at regular intervals. We offer a complimentary consultation together with our sister company MalerBodenART; who, once the quote is accepted, will coordinate and execute work to your complete satisfaction.

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Services at ServiceART

HUF cleaning - Wellness for your HUF House

Our experts would be delighted to regularly clean your home. By uniting with a particular cleaning company HUF HAUS can comfortably guarantee a quality result; finished to high standard, using quality products. With our cleaning contract you only need to notify us of suitable dates and we will do the rest. Please complete your individual application here!

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Services at ServiceART

Service for existing HUF properties

Have you become the new owner of an existing HUF property? Using our database we are able to provide you with complete feasibility along with comprehensive advice for making changes and adaptions to your existing HUF build.