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State-of-the-art and future-proof building technology

Highest demands

In addition to the structural heat insulation, each new HUF House is equipped with the latest  technology that makes a significant contribution to its energy efficiency. Even in its basic configuration, each HUF HAUS includes the following energy efficient technology:

High-efficiency air-to-water heat pump - latest generation

The environment is (in most cases) full of unused energy. Only at minus 273°C has all energy been extracted. A certain amount can be utilized for generating hot water or heating by using the heat

pump technology. The laws for conservation of fuel and power stipulate the use of renewable energy sources. HUF HAUS supports this trend in respect of the environmentally friendly impact of the heat pump systems. The cleanest and most sustainable energy source is the sun's energy which is stored in the ground, in the groundwater or in the air. With the use of intelligent heat pump systems this energy is utilised effectively. Your heating system will be provided with a sufficiently-sized and well insulated water storage tank for the under floor heating. The necessary electrical wiring for the heating system will be installed by HUF HAUS.

HUF HAUS uses modern air water heat pumps, a step towards energy efficiency and protecting the environment. As the air water heat pump is the sole heating system the use of fossil energy sources becomes obsolete.

Modern under floor heating

HUF HAUS installs a modern under floor heating system. It represents the decision for comfort and efficiency:

  • Surface heating is a low-temperature heating system, as due to the large heating areas a low temperature level is sufficient to heat the building. Rooms are evenly heated by the radiant warmth of the floor.
  • The pleasant radiant warmth of the floor provides comfort and improves well-being. Heat loss is minimized when generating and distributing the heat through low flow temperatures.

Your personal wishes

If desired, every HUF house can also be equipped with the following technology:

Geothermal heat pump

Brine water heat pumps use the energy stored in the ground to generate heat. Since the temperature in the ground modulates only slightly, the geothermal heat pump generates consistently high efficiencies throughout the entire year.

The Ice Store System

The optional ice store system demonstrates the latest technology for heating your HUF house; more efficiently and even more friendly to the environment. The system itself consists of several components: The main element is the subterranean ice storage tank which is combined with a heat pump.

HUF Air Systems as Option

Due to the wealth in options we decided to offer bespoke ventilation systems, designed to meet your individual requirements. All systems are tailored around controlled mechanical ventilations systems with heat recovery (MVHR), each backed by our high quality under floor heating.

Photovoltaic system - invest to earn

Photovoltaic systems convert solar energy into electrical energy. Subject to local regulation, electrical energy generated in this way can be fed into the public grid thus generating an income. This significantly improves the overall energy balance of your home. The ART 9 show house in the HUF Village demonstrates how you can go beyond mounting a photovoltaic system on the roof to integrating it harmoniously into the overall architecture of the house

Solar Heating System for Hot Water Supply

In addition to the hot water supply HUF HAUS offer solar panels on the roof. A respective concept will be tailor-made to compliment the choices you made in your fit-out.