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Smart timber-framed houses

Upon request, we can make your house smarter. With the KNX technology, we embed the building with a network of communicating devices.

It can regulate the use of light, heat, fresh air and shade practically on its own. KNX makes it possible to connect the automated interaction with various components and therefore offers more comfort safety and efficiency in your HUF house.

    Once the infrastructure is in place, you can expand your KNX system at any time as KNX is almost limitless in its expandability, always adaptable and therefore future proof. During its life of the installation the user requirements can be adapted quickly and flexibly.

    Extensions and alterations can therefore be easily integrated into the system.

      "What functions should be automated?"

        "What technical functions would the house owner prefer to control the conventional way?"

          The HUF consultants with their extensive expertise and market knowledge will help each house builder to find a customised solution.