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Long lasting happiness in your HUF house

HUF HAUS pride themselves on delivering excellent care during the entire process of your project. However, even with this conscious practice you should find any minor faults or imperfections, ServiceART are here to assist you. ServiceART provide speedy, flexible and reliable service thought the warranty period of your home and beyond.

A HUF home is a home for life and you can depend on ServiceART to provide you with support for the homes longevity.

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Traditional Service

It is greatly important to HUF HAUS that special levels of care are maintained, way beyond the handover.  We follow a long standing company protocol that consists of periodical house checks, catering to fresh home desires and the orgainsing of annual HUF Club events- keeping clients’ needs at the forefront of our care.

Franz HUF set the precedence for continual customer care and highlights the importance of ongoing contact with each client:
“I made a point, where possible, of visiting each client after hand over. Not just out of courtesy but it interested me to see how people bring their homes to life with their individual living and design."

Franz Huf viewed himself, and the company, as reliable companions who would fulfil the clients’ wishes for a dream home.

In 1980 the department Customer Service was officially formed, delivering clients the best possible service.
In 1985 Customer Service grew and added a new department –“WMA” (Werterhaltung, Modernisierung, An-und Umbauten). This new department was responsible for maintaining, upgrading and all renovations to clients HUF homes.
In 2011 Customer Service and WMA were combined to form "ServiceArt"; the new department to seamlessly control the entire operation.

Our experts at ServiceArt are on hand to offer advice and practical help, no matter what. If you have anything you wish to discuss with the team please complete the contact form.
ServiceArt can be reached at serviceart(at)huf-haus.com or by phone: 01932 340 145 to speak with Kathleen Nangle.