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Interview with a HUF house owner

What first attracted you to HUF HAUS?
"We visited a nearby show house and were astonished by the openness and transparency of the architecture; seduced by these features we fell helplessly in love with HUF HAUS."

When designing the interiors and exteriors of your house, what features and concepts did you hold most important?
"Having lived for many years in Japan we were inspired to create our own Japanese garden. We also incorporated this look through the open architecture of our home."

What architectural and design features have been applied?
"Our extension was built in 2008 and it was important for us to complement the existing architecture and create a harmonious overall impression."

Were you involved in the design process? Where did your inspirations come from?
"We were allowed maximum input. We worked together with the HUF Architect but because we could visualise what we wanted to achieve, and because we have the correct computer programs, we were able to produce the majority of the design of the extension ourselves".

Were there any difficulties you had to overcome? (E.g. building regulations, materials, roof pitch or flood protection)
"The construction phase was the biggest challenge. The extension slab had to be installed in certain stages in order to maintain the entrance level of the garage."

How pleased are you with the end result? What do you like most about your home and why?

"Even after the years have passed we feel very tranquil in our HUF house; enjoying the harmonious views of nature with our integrated landscaping and enhanced home restyle."

Do you have any future wishes or dreams for your HUF House?

"Right now we're perfectly happy with our HUF House. It’s important to enjoy the beauty of our house and also the beauty of our landscaping and exterior design. We enjoy a great service in aftercare from the ServiceART team, so should we feel the need to make any changes in the future, we know who to contact."

Which is your favourite room in your HUF House?
"The tea house in front of our Koi pond."

Residential Situation before
Extension and Garage after

Previous Projects

Extensions – “Decision with foresight”

This HUF HAUS ART 4 had been designed to client requirements but after many years the client wished to extend the property. HUF architects worked with the growing family and designed them a new wing to fulfil their need for extra living space.

The new and generous wing can be accessed via a connecting room, not only giving an illusion of one completed house, but perfectly suiting the plot.The individual design included a new kitchenette equipped with cosy breakfast bar, an additional guest room/study complete with an en-suite bathroom as well as a convenient and practical utility room.  The new wing, with fully applied and comfortable living space was concluded by an extra luxury -an extension in the basement bringing the family a spa and wellness area, complete with sauna a spa shower.

Room Development: Where the Old and New unite

North of the Alps timber frame building has been the dominant construction method from the time of the Middle Ages, right through to the 19thCentury. The high level of available raw wood was one of the many tangible benefits to building with timber; justifying the career of timber houses.

The decorative facades of timber houses built in by-gone-eras can still be found in certain parts of the country. Owners who have not wanted to part with their historic homes but needed more room and living space have elected to extend their build. What better partner than HUF HAUS? A competent company who can develop and compliment these historical homes by using traditional methods implemented with contemporary systems.

Conversion - "It was like a holiday for me!"

The home of Mrs. S. was built by HUF HAUS in 1975 and then completely rebuilt and renovated by HUF in 2014.
Mrs. S., how long have you and your husband lived in this HUF House?
"I actually saw the whole construction process and watched the house going up at the age of 13. I've spent my whole childhood and youth in this village, only moving away to study which is when I met my husband and our son soon followed. Now, 30 years later, my husband and I took over the HUF house that my parents designed, as they now live in a retirement home nearby. "
After taking over the house this year, the S’s opted for a conversion with HUF HAUS, organised by ServiceArt.
"The house was still in great condition, however, the interior needed modernising as it did not meet our particular tastes, or our needs. We opted for a renovation rather than a new construction.”

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