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HUF HAUS launches first UK Show House

HUF HAUS, the company who pioneered high-end pre-manufactured timber and glass homes, is launching the company’s first ever UK show house, which is located at Brooklands, Weybridge, Surrey.

Construction work at the 3,000 sq m site began on the 19th January and by the 9th February, the superstructure above ground was complete and watertight.

With over a century of experience developing and refining HUF HAUS architecture and more than 15 years of building in the UK, this show house marks a new era for the firm, as the company unveils the new technology they can offer. Utilising many of the new options available for HUF HAUS clients, this show house is likely to be the most engineered house in the UK.

Building on the company’s history of sustainable construction and its pedigree for delivering carbon neutral properties, each component of the new HUF House has been designed and created in the HUF Factory in Germany, ensuring that the production of waste material during the build has been eliminated entirely.

The property has been built with the latest innovations formulated by HUF HAUS to achieve the most efficient homes possible, demonstrating how sustainable living can be achieved through the synthesis of fine contemporary architecture and cutting edge technology.

As well as the sumptuous interiors and high-end features associated with HUF HAUS design, the show house realises the concept of eco-luxury, integrating sustainability and sophisticated engineering to prove that a luxury home doesn’t have to sacrifice environmental consciousness.

Georg Huf, CEO of HUF HAUS, comments: "Our first UK show house demonstrates the architectural and technological advances achieved by the HUF HAUS engineers. Functions such as the heating with ice system that were beyond our comprehension when we began building in the UK 18 years’ ago are now part of the design concept as we strive for carbon neutral homes.

“We look forward to showcasing the innovative technology that underpins our family business to the next generation of HUF HAUS devotees.”

Show House Floorplans

Our show house progress

 See the house being erected in a matter of minutes.

Site Preparation Video

Extensive piling had to be undertaken in order to overcome the nature of the sites flood challenges.