The HUF Garden

Creativity in green

Gardens planned to enhance your personal quality of life and the distinctive appearance for your plot. Gardens with loving attention to detail, that harmoniously integrate the overall look of your HUF House, tailored by your own ideas, attuned to your location.

The love of nature

Specialists from the HUF group of companies are at your side, skilled partners in word and deed, from the initial design idea to its complete implementation. Our spectrum of services includes the precise planning, calculation and project management of your garden design, from choosing what and where to plant and the materials required to achieve the final effect, to include installing any paving and water features. A garden will emerge that is tailored to the architectural context, soil quality, weather conditions and overall environment where you can live a life in tune with nature.

The individually styled "green living room"

The customisation options are almost endless. Whether Mediterranean, cottage, rock or English garden, your personal taste dictates the eventual choice of style for your “green living room”.

So a thorough discussion takes place before each concept materialises, to get to know your wishes and ideas and turn these into a series of sketches and plans. Maintaining the garden is also taken into account from the outset, to create long-lasting and unlimited joy in your garden.

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