HUF House ART 4

The ART 4 HUF House offers an enormous variety of floor plan options and is therefore highly customisable. With its size and the ability to divide the living space on both the ground and upper floors in multifarious ways, even two generations will find their ideal home.

A spacious, open-plan layout with great attention to detail:
The new ART 4 HUF show house in Bad Vilbel:

The entrance of the house welcomes visitors with an atmosphere of openness and transparence such that after stepping across the threshold of the house it is possible to see through to the beautifully crafted stairs that lead to the second floor.

Past the entrance an extraordinary living space of 185 m²  stretches over two floors; on the second floor this splits into two spacious wings that ensure comfort and privacy for their occupants. Throughout, the house’s geometric lines inform the aesthetic design of the interior thereby creating a living environment that is both practical and stylish.
Through the symmetry of the first floor and geometry of the visible timber frame the house is transformed by the moods of daylight into a place where the pulse of nature can be newly enjoyed every day.

Floor plan examples

ground floorground floor
upper floorupper floor
basement floorbasement floor

Project example