With the modum: design, HUF HAUS have created a future-oriented house concept that meets the needs of everyday life as well as the living environment.  It has a flexible room program with an intelligent modular design system and can be built in a relatively short time.

The innovative and evolving HUF HAUS timbered architecture provides a solid foundation for this new type of house without compromising the quality of materials or construction. As always, the level of technology in each build is determined by the owners themselves, however, the standard equipment installed surpasses the quality and design standards to begin with.

Each HUF house construction achieves the efficiency grading of ‘House 55’ (KFW-classification). The green [r]evolution house is equipped with all the necessary energy efficiency features at no additional cost.

The HUF HAUS modum: design is anything but ordinary:
modum: unites an aesthetically pleasing home and living environment with a responsible and economical use of expensive energy. From this union a high quality of living is enjoyed in all Modum homes.
When planning the next phase of your life it is the perfect opportunity to harmonise new thinking with new living.

New Individuality in a Flexible System:
Individuality in systems is not a contradiction and HUF HAUS proves this rather impressively with their modum: designs.
The intelligent modum: modular system, based on a square of 1.20m by 1.20m, can achieve a much greater variety of individual layouts than many expect from post-and-beam architecture.

The Advantages:

  • The individual needs and requirements of the client are essential when designing a house. We do not use predefined layouts, only sample designs for inspiration.
  • The modular system of 1.20 m x 1.20 m allows for enormous flexibility in the basic dimensions of the house (length x width). This results in the perfect adaptation to each individual plot
  • Even with a smaller house a living program can be achieved to incorporate a large family. The examples in this brochure will demonstrate this.
  • The exterior appearance of the HUF modum house also demonstrates
    a wealth of variations.
  • The sample designs also prove that the combination of glass and walls can be customised according to the position of your plot and your own personal preference.
  • We believe that those who love the quintessential openness and transparency of a HUF house and its superb quality finishes will discover an equal passion for the modum: design. 


What do the numbers 5:10, 6:10 and further varieties mean?

The number before the colon describes the outer dimension at the gable end of the house (based on the module dimension 1.20 m)

Example: 6 x 1.20 m = 7.20 m

The number after the colon describes the outer dimension on the eaves of the house (based on the module dimension 1.20 m.)

Example: 10 x 1.20 m = 12 m