Company data HUF HAUS

Company data

  • Year founded: 1912
  • Number of group employees : 463
  • Number of trainees: 46
  • Number of building projects completed: c. 10,000




Georg Huf


The HUF HAUS company has been managed for three generations by members of the Huf family. Since his appointment, the Managing Director Georg Huf has presided over continuous solid growth and established HUF HAUS as an international brand. The market launch of the new HUF House Generation green[r]evolution in 2009 marks the latest culmination of this entrepreneurial journey.

Georg Huf, CEO of HUF HAUS, is Vice President of the European Federation of Premanufactured Building (EFV) as well as member in the management of the German Federal Society for Prefabricated Housing (BDF).

Brief profile Georg Huf:

  • Born 1956
  • 1978-1980 trained as a banker
  • 1981 entered the family business as a regional salesman
  • 1984 promoted to Sales Manager
  • 1996 appointed Managing Partner
  • Board member of the German Fedral Society for Pre-manufactured Housing (BDF)
  • Vice-President of the European Federation of Pre-manufactured Building (EFV)


State-of-the-art production

Quality and tailor-made mass production

At first sight, the terms 'tailor-made' and 'mass production' appear irreconcilably incompatible. HUF HAUS proves the opposite. Although the components of a HUF House emerge from a state-of-the-art production line, they are assembled to create an individually architectured house, with every part being manufactured to the highest quality standards. The production process is not driven by quantity but by the semi-automated pre-fabrication and pre-assembly of the components that results in a quality standard that could never be achieved through manual, predominately on-site, assembly.

Sustainability as a matter of principle

The choice of materials and energy used is governed by ecological and environmental compatibility and sustainability.

In 2009, the company invested in a modern biomass power plant, which is fuelled solely by waste from the production line. This plant is fitted with an efficient exhaust filter, in advance of any legislative requirements, that saves a total of almost 500 tones of CO2 per year - an important contribution to the protection of the environment and climate, and maintaining the good air quality of the Westerwald

In 2011 HUF HAUS invested in a second CNC machine in order to work wood even more efficient. The machine that is 18m long and 6m wide has been delivered by "Hundegger" the global market leader for "computerised numerical control machines". The high quality as well as the precision make a considerable contribution to the economy and the competitiveness of the company.


Philosophy and Commitment

"Corporate and social responsibility does not stop at the factory gates"


For entrepreneur Georg Huf, the third generation managing this family business, commitment to society and his employees is a given.

Here are some examples of the social commitment of the company HUF HAUS:

  • German Corporate Integration Management (BEM) certification

  • Certified health promotion across the company, such as fitness classes in GO 21 and massage available to all staff
  • Ongoing foreign language training for employees and other education and training courses
  • Regular gatherings for retired staff

  • Deep commitment to and major investment in environmental and climate protection through the continuous improvement of energy efficiency both in current manufacturing processes and also existing HUF Houses
  • Modern ergonomic office furniture (electrically adjustable stand-sit tables)
  • Project "Healthy Apprenticeship"
  • HUF HAUS is member of DGNB (German Association for Sustainable Building)

Competence and enthusiasm

Team spirit as a foundation stone for corporate culture

Planning, building, financing, fitting-out and handing over a ready to occupy, highly customised HUF house to the customer is a complex process that requires perfect teamwork from all involved. Employees at HUF HAUS therefore must possess not only professional competence but also an outstanding level of team spirit. To develop this team spirit and ensure it endures, it is embedded as a deep foundation of the corporate culture of HUF HAUS.

A worthwhile goal - enthusiastic and satisfied customers.

Each HUF House is unique and, as befits an architect-designed house, uses no "standard blueprint" plans. Rather, customers' wishes are captured in a bespoke design that takes into account the location and context of the site. This is the very reason why team work begins at the outset with the consultation and planning phase. It continues through production planning, manufacturing, assembly and fit-out. A team of specialists works together on each task and brings to every one a further quality - enthusiasm for the amazing product that is a HUF house and for each project that is only complete when the householders share that same enthusiasm, fully satisfied with the end result.



Recognition by masters of the art as motivation

Recognition by panels of experts judging at the highest level is a constant source of motivation and spurs on the entire HUF HAUS team.

Here are some of our previous awards:

England and Scotland:


“Best Timber Frame House” - Daily Telegraph, Homebuilding & Renovating.


“Best Residential Development”
Design & Conservation award - Inverclyde council


“Best Energy Saving House” - What House? Awards 

“Best Architecture” - Jaguar International Properties

In the National Home Builder Design Awards HUF HAUS was the Award Winner of: Best House in England, Best New House of the year, Best House in Scotland, Best House of the Future

Design Award 2000 - Elmbridge Borough Council, Surrey

National Home Builder Design Awards - Received Commendation for - Best Project at Design Stage


Housing Design Awards, promoted by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, the National House Building Council, the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Royal Town Planning Institute   


National Home Builder Design Awards - Received Commendation for - Best House of the Future and Best House of one or two storeys

Housing Design Awards - Received Commendation for - The Woodyard, London


National Home Builder Design Awards - Received Commendation for - Onslow Road, Walton on Thames, Surrey


Bromley Environment Awards 2005

The Beaconsfield Society - Best New Building in Beaconsfield


Top Merit Design Award - Aylesbury Vale District Council


Design Award 2007 - Elmbridge Borough Council, Surrey

Design Award 2007 - Elmbridge Borough Council, Surrey - Received Special Commendation for: Environmental Sustainability

Borough Design Awards 2007 - Borough of Macclesfield -In Recognition of Design Excellence   


Design Award 2009 - Warwick District Council



Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany 1977 (Franz Huf)

Ludwig Erhard Medal 1977 (Franz Huf)

German Enterprise Medal 1999 (Franz Huf)

German Innovation Award 2000

Deutscher Solarpreis (best project on renewable energy in Germany) 2001

Awarded as "Hidden Champion" 2011

Winner of the plus-x-award as most innovative brand of the year 2012

Winner of "healthy companies in the region Mittelrhein" 2013

Winner of "Hidden Champion" Award 2013