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HUF house bungalow

If you prefer the convenience of living on a single level, you will decide on a HUF bungalow. The innovative, modular timber-frame architecture enables the design to be adapted to suit the conditions of almost any site and the client’s individual requirements. With ceilings at roof height, the spacious ambience is accentuated and even more natural light is brought into the house.

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HUF house ART bungalow

Sophisticated single-storey living concept

The home-owners were previously living in a flat but longed to have their own four walls and a view full of greenery. They opted for HUF HAUS, inspired by the transparency and openness of the timber-frame architecture. The bungalow fulfilled the couple’s wish for accessible living with no stairs, while providing views of a garden with a Japanese feel.

Their delight with their new home was quite contagious, as their daughter recently moved into a HUF house right next door!

You can find out all about the house in our ART Bungalow project sample 1...


Here are a few pictures and floor plans of previously executed bungalow projects. The examples are provided to give you some inspiration for your own plans. The modular design of HUF HAUS architecture means that almost any requirement can be accommodated.

It is advisable to contact us early on in your planning process for an initial discussion with our consultation team, so that your budget can be taken into account as well as your particular requirements.




HUF house bungalow

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