The fascination of modern post and beam architecture:

The innovative post and beam architecture of a HUF HAUS has a fascinating, as well as, expressive appearance. Wooden beams teamed with generous glazing form a visual gateway to the surrounding nature; thus creating a unique living space and experience. Where we chose to live and work influences our lives and our surrounding environment can impact on our well-being, motivation and happiness.

Due to outstanding international success, HUF HAUS have established a prestigious reputation within the residential market and are proud to be growing in popularity amongst a commercial audience as a direct result of this.

Single-family and duplex houses

A decision that will enhance your life:

Deciding on your future home is an important decision; it is a choice that comes from the heart and mind. A home is shared with the people that mean the most to you and issues of quality, comfort, function, personal wellbeing and a sense of space are all equally important and will be for years to come.
So ask your heart, and your mind, which HUF HAUS design suits you, your family and your future best.


HUF Haus modum: The new individual and flexible system:
The intelligent modular system from newly developed timber architecture facilitates spatial planning with unsurpassed variations.


HUF Haus ART - The individually designed house:
The award-winning and continuously developing architecture provides timeless classics that are individual, sophisticated and living in harmony with the surrounding nature.


Town houses

The Town House – compact outside, generous inside

HUF HAUS demonstrates that, even where land and space are expensive, a row of houses can be built very well. Whether for several generations and clearly separated or as a classic town-house – HUF HAUS designs and builds projects not only for individuals but also investors who build for a long-term return.

Apartment buildings

Apartment houses for the highest standards

The wood and glass architecture of HUF HAUS is more than suitable for multifamily homes as evidenced by the many created so far. The robust quality, combined with excellent sound insulation inside and out makes these properties a magnet for demanding and solvent tenants. All relevant fire safety requirements are already met by HUF HAUS.


Extensions – for growing space needs

Life is full of changes, sometimes planned, sometimes unexpected. Whoever has planned his plot with the good foresight to have space to spare is in the best position to accommodate an extension. The modular, timber-frame architecture of HUF HAUS is predisposed to the easy expansion of living space even after many years. The timeless style of HUF HAUS architecture ensures that old and new combine harmoniously.


Modernisation creates new perspectives

Change is the elixir of an active life. Many people therefore want to change their living environment after years of adapting to changing needs. HUF HAUS makes your structural and interior design wishes possible and can help you realise added personal value. Delivering perfect quality is in the nature of HUF HAUS.

Commercial constructions

Commercial constructions

The days of purely "practical” buildings are long gone. To meet the demands of today's investors, owners, users and tenants, you must offer mush more than simply providing for their functional needs. In commercial constructions, HUF HAUS aspires to create a working and living environment that promotes well-being and motivation for those that work there. Numerous studies show that the quality of working environment has a major influence on people's willingness to work.

HUF architecture with its natural wood construction, uncompromisingly clear design and generously dimensioned glass areas creates a sense of free space where communication and team work flourish.

Administration building

Daylight-flooded offices with wide views – one can hardly provide a better basis for promoting the productive energies of the employees. HUF HAUS plans, designs and builds office and administrative buildings whose architecture expresses clarity and transparency. These attributes radiate a positive corporate image, drive enterprise and bring a greater sense of belonging to employees.

Office Parks

Forward looking companies seek increasing synergies in office complexes. HUF HAUS builds appealing office parks that attract ambitious companies with their wood and glass architecture. The modularity of timber-frame construction maximises available space and economy thanks to the excellent energy efficiency.

HUF HAUS' innovative timber-frame construction offers so much freedom to plan for the constraints of the plot, the intended use of the owner and any building regulations, that it can deliver the ultimate aesthetic intent.

Quality features for every HUF house

HUF Quality

Whichever home you choose, all HUF houses share the following quality characteristics:

  • Innovative and sophisticated HUF HAUS timbered construction.
  • Each HUF house construction achieves the efficiency grading of 'House 55' (KFW-classification).The green[r]evolution house is equipped with all the necessary energy efficiency features at no addition cost
  • An exceptionally high quality of materials and their assembly
  • High quality interiors including flooring, sanitary ware and modern heating
  • Extensive HUF HAUS service performance throughout the entire planning, construction and hand over phase
  • An open and spacious layout
  • All first floor room heights extend to the roof.Characteristic overhead glazing.
  • The generous and protective roof overhang.
  • 3-way heat insulated/triple glazed glass in all windows
  • Every HUF house has the option of pitched or flat roof design. All design and construction services are from one single source.



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