HUF HAUS gained recognition for the unique residential project HUF City Living

HUF HAUS was rewarded by the Federal Association of Surface Heating and Surface Cooling at the BVF Award Gala held in Berlin for its exemplary residential project HUF City Living, established in Westerwald, Germany.

“HUF City Living is a quiet yet centrally located neighborhood where the city and green, work and leisure, peace and mobility come together. The recognition received from the Federal Association of Surface Heating and Surface Cooling confirms the fact that the work of my colleagues aims to deliver the highest standards of living in tune with nature and this residential <> is the best example that reflects the philosophy of our company”, says Georg Huf, HUF HAUS Managing Director.

“We are proud to have been entitled to award our BVF-Award to such a pioneering project this year. Both the architectural concept, as well as the constructive execution and energy-related quality are exemplary. The surface temperature control has its significant share in this quality, for which our BVF members stand with their consulting and production-know-how“, mentioned Ulrich Stahl, chairman of the BVF board. He also added that the uniqueness of the HUF City Living project primarily derives from the combination of sustainable energy sources and innovative photovoltaic, solar thermic, ventilation and surface temperature control systems:

The residential project, with its four distinctive buildings and 44 dwelling units, is located in Montabaur, a town connected to the metropolises Köln and Frankfurt. The overall setting impressively evidences through the project HUF City Living how energy-self-sufficient living can be achieved through contemporary architecture and cutting-edge technology. The half-timber HUF HAUS residences captivate primarily by an elaborate climate concept, which retains most of the energy required for the building and open areas from regenerative energies. Here, the central element is the 500.000 liter containing ice-energy storage developed by Viessmann Company, which supplies several heating pumps in the building’s installation rooms and is connected to a total of 450 solar double-modules on the monopitch house roofs.

But not only during the winter months does the sophisticated ice storage, heating pump and solar double-module system provide comfortable temperatures. The heat transmission is carried out via the “aquatherm black system”, which is applied as a ceiling and floor temperature controlling system. The uniform heat distribution and the short reaction time of the system accomplish a pleasant climate in the living space throughout the entire year.

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