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HUF houses with flat roof

Consistent vertical and horizontal lines, with no angles at all: a flat roof that protrudes far beyond the shell of the building. These are characteristic attributes for this distinctive house type. The HUF HAUS design classic in perhaps its most modern form.

Visit our MODUM show house in Mannheim that was planned and built as an innovative flat-roof project and experience the exceptional home atmosphere in person.

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HUF house ART flat roof

Exclusive living space with clean lines

This shining light in the form of a modern HUF timber-frame house with flat roof is a real treat for the eyes. The Alps rise up majestically in the background, while in the foreground palms wave gently in the breeze.

The natural pool in the surrounding garden reflects in the sunlight the cubic shell of the building, which harmoniously fits in with the overall scene. The owners, who were actively involved in the planning for the timber-frame house, agree that this is a dream of a house.

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HUF house MODUM Flat roof

A miraculous transformation

At first glance, the modern flat-roof building looks slightly unusual for a timber-frame house. A few moments later, however, you begin to notice the distinctive style elements that give each HUF house its individual character: the classic wooden skeleton frames the large ceiling-to-floor glazing harmoniously and gives the house its concise form.

The modern design is the product of the flat roof with its large overhangs and the additional clerestory strip on the ground floor and in the loft – openness and transparency as far as the eye can see.

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HUF house ART flat roof

Freedom in its most modern form

The extraordinary building ensemble with modern timber-frame architecture owes its striking appearance mainly to its flat roof that extends far beyond the beams. The floor-depth windows provide an unobstructed view of the surrounding garden, in which the house nestles. A spacious, exclusive living space that blurs the boundaries between home and nature is hidden inside this timeless wooden house.

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HUF houses with flat roof

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