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HUF house ART 3 is unusual in the compact detached house segment. The sense of spaciousness is the result not of the living space itself but the open room design and the overall architectural appearance. The planning performed by the experienced HUF HAUS architects shows just how extensively the floor plan design can be customised to suit the needs and preferences of the client. 

HUF Haus ART 3 Aussenansicht 1

HUF house ART 3 – impressions

The symmetry of light

Getting away from the hectic city life and back to nature – moving to the countryside is becoming increasingly popular. But if you think that a rural lifestyle is mainly focused on the past, you’re in for quite a shock when you see the newly built HUF house ART 3.

With the timber-frame house in its idyllic location, the family company is reinterpreting the traditional concept of a typical country house. The owners very deliberately wished to break the conventional clichés of country house romanticism. Their intention was to live in a house that was fully open to the natural panorama of the Westerwald.

A house that would be a suntrap and beam with tranquillity. This was achieved with an ebony-coloured post-and-beam structure with floor-length window facades in an extremely harmonious, symmetrical arrangement.

This modern timber-frame house is presented in detail in our project sample 1!

Modernes Fachwerkhaus HUF ART 3 weiss 14

HUF house ART 3 – impressions

A lifelong dream fulfilled at the lakeside

When you make a firm decision to settle somewhere, it becomes the centre of your world – this place you call home becomes your vantage point for the world around you, a point of departure that you always enjoy returning to.

And how lucky must you feel when this retreat is also a very special piece of land? A house in the country, in the mountains, overlooking a lake – for the client family, their life’s dream has been fulfilled.

The whole story behind our house with a lake view is given in ART 3 project sample 2!

HUF Haus ART 3 grau Fachwerkhaus 11

HUF house ART 3 – impressions

A family dream made of wood and glass

It hits you straight away: with this HUF house covering almost 195 square metres, the owners have created their very own dream residence for the whole family.

The bright post-and-beam structure, based on classic models, and the floor-length glazing convey a timeless modernity and give the house and exceptional, light and airy atmosphere.

This house is also an ideal retreat for the entire family, a place to relax and recuperate after a stressful day at work, a place for the children to let loose and play.

The floor plans and details of HUF house ART 3 are given in project sample 3.


Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life. Follow this call to a better life, as formulated by Mark Twain, and you will constantly discover life’s hidden moments of joy.

Returning home is one such moment: after a journey, a successful day at work, playing sports or an evening with friends. Each of these moments holds its own special magic.

What a pleasure it is, then, to call a HUF house ART 3 your home. One that radiates an exceptional blend of joy, pride and security that will last a lifetime...


HUF house ART 3

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