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HUF house

The HUF house ART 4 can accommodate a wide variety of floor plan variants and thus enables particularly flexible design options. With living spaces on the ground floor and in the loft that are flexible in their size and room divisions, two generations can find a home that suits them perfectly.

HUF Haus ART 4 grau H 32

HUF house ART 4 – impressions

Nature on your doorstep

“Welcome.” What else could the lilac-coloured front door on the gable side of the new HUF house ART 4 possibly signify?

Impressions that reflect the exceptional sense of well-being of this special house. The entrance area with the harmonious interplay between the lavender bed in bloom, the cleverly selected flower arrangement and the colour of the door is not only evidence of the inhabitants’ good taste, it is also an initial sign of the fluid transition between the surrounding nature and the living space.

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ART 4 HUF Fachwerkhaus weiss 40

HUF house ART 4 – impressions

Nature and architecture in unison

A driveway lined with golden robinia leads visitors to the white timber-frame house, located deep in the heart of Saxony’s beautiful heathland. A park-like garden acts as a large frame around the site.

One thing is clear – whoever lives here certainly loves nature. That’s why the clients chose an architecture that blends harmoniously into the surrounding nature and involves it directly in the living experience. The clients found that the transparent architecture of the HUF house ART 4 embodied these attributes to perfection. 

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HUF house ART 4 – impressions

Openness in home style and lifestyle

The entrance portal leads to 185 m² of exceptional living space on two storeys, split across the central axis into two wings of equal size. An interior architecture unfolds that follows the aesthetic of geometric lines.

The symmetry of the layout and the geometry of the visible post-and-beam construction are transformed by the  constant interplay of daylight into a place where the rhythm of nature can be enjoyed anew every day.

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HUF house ART 4

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