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With the HUF house ART 5, the dream of a spacious home ambience comes true. And if you appreciate fluid transitions between rooms, rejecting strict partitions, you will feel especially at home in this light-flooded home living space. Even if guests arrive in large numbers, they are easily accommodated by the owner of this prestigious home

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HUF house ART 5 – impressions

A quiet retreat for connoisseurs

This HUF house ART 5 is located slightly off the road in a vast clearing in the midst of the Bavarian Forest. With the wood and glass post-and-beam design that is typical of HUF houses, based on classic designs, the property radiates timeless modernity.

The floor-length window facades bring the surrounding nature indoors. Here the home-owners can enjoy the impressive panoramic views of verdant meadows, bordered by the trees of the forest. In this landscape, the changing seasons become a natural spectacle and part of life for the inhabitants.

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HUF house ART 5 – impressions

A real bundle of energy

Efficient use of regenerative energies, improved thermal insulation and cutting-edge house technology enable the HUF timber-frame house to produce more energy than it uses. Nevertheless, HUF HAUS remains true to its architectural principles. The house has an aesthetically pleasing appearance with open room design, large glass surfaces and exclusive design – an architecture that promises special home comfort.

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HUF house ART 5 – impressions

Timeless individuality in wood and glass

It hits you straight away that, with this HUF house ART 5, the owners have created their very own dream residence. The grey post-and-beam structure, based on classic designs, and the floor-length glazing convey a timeless modernity and give the house an exceptional lightness and transparency.

A special highlight is the basement with its extensive wellness area covering roughly 45 square meters. The jacuzzi and sauna with built-in television invite you to relax and recuperate from the stress of everyday life.

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The fascination with the interplay of light and shadow is evident in the architecture of the HUF house ART 5 series. 

The modern timber-frame house effortlessly merges with the vast landscape, looking spacious and prestigious. At the same time, the architectural language reflects the uncomplicated lightness of being, presenting itself as family-friendly and open to a communicative home living style.

A HUF house provides so much variability in how the living space is divided up that clients are no longer tied to traditional rigid floor plan principles, freeing their creativity to create new living space ideas...


HUF house ART 5

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