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HUF house
ART 6-9

The ambience of this HUF house can hardly be expressed in words. The transparency and clarity of the architecture with its open monopitch roofs is an inspiration for all the senses and creates a living environment in unison with the signals of nature.

No other modern timber-frame house provides such flexible options for spacious room division and design. As you enter this impressive house for the first time, you are struck be the serenity of the open architecture with its rooms flooded with light.

HUF Haus weiss OEsterreich 2

HUF house ART 6 – impressions

Vienna gains a new attraction

Tourists who have fallen in love with the baroque splendour of Vienna are often quiet shocked to come across modern buildings in Austria’s capital, such as those designed by award-winning architects like Hans Hollein, Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron, Zaha Hadid and Jean Nouvel. So why shouldn’t a private client join them in breaking the mould of this magnificent history and decide on a HUF house – a building that represents a symbiosis between the craftsmanship of traditional timber-frame construction and contemporary architecture – pre-fabricated yet planned with extreme individuality, stylistically striking yet sustainably timeless?

We will show you this impressive house in ART 6-9 project sample 1!

HUF show home London Brooklands 10

HUF house ART 6 – impressions

“Riverview” – inspiration for the senses

Let’s start with a tour through the new flagship HUF house in Brooklands, Weybridge. At first glance it’s a typical HUF house. But wait! A detail catches the eye, with a subtle and pleasant effect. The new colour “HUF dark grey” with its gentle surface sheen reveals new aspects of the post-and-beam structure, harmonising perfectly with the coordinated colour accents of the front door and the interior as seen from outside. The entrance area covered by the recess gives an initial impression of being safely at home. 

Further information and floor plans are given inART 6-9 project sample 2!

HUF Dorf Musterhauszentrum ART 9 17

HUF house ART 9

Natural elements as life philosophy

A house, with the four elements of fire, water, earth and air as themes that can be experienced with all the senses – the four elements pass through the individual rooms like an invisible cord, ultimately joining to symbolically form a unique philosophy of life. One of bringing nature into the central point of your life – the house – to benefit as a person from its power and enjoy its beneficial effects.

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HUF house ART 6-9

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