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HUF house MODUM 8

Alongside the classic of the ART construction series, the modern HUF timber-frame architecture now also includes the MODUM HUF house. On the one hand, a genuine timber-frame house in uncompromising HUF quality, on the other, a living space for those who consider stripping things down to the essential to be a noble way of life. Please enjoy the following impressions of series 8, a real treat for the eyes.

HUF house modum 810 1

HUF house MODUM 8:10 – Impressions

Magical moments in the HUF house

In the words of Goethe: “Life is too short to drink bad wine”. Accordingly, deciding to become a home-owner always means committing to a particular living space for some time, which will have a major impact on your quality of life.

But even if your standards are high, the construction budget should leave you with enough for all the other wonderful and magical things in life. With a HUF house from the MODUM series, planned and built individually, you are treating yourself to the open home living culture that is typical of every HUF house, just like the owners have done with this dream house.

Detailed information about this house is given in project sample 1!

HUF Haus modum 810 Musterhaus Wuppertal 3

HUF house MODUM 8:10 – Impressions

Ingenuous divisions with optimum benefits

Behind the transparent entrance portal, which reveals some first impressions of the inside to visitors, there is 180 m² of exceptional living space customised to perfectly suit the family’s day-to-day needs.

The house’s open yet cosy character can already be felt in the spacious entrance area with coat rack and guest bathroom. The colour-coordinated artworks, combined with the floor-depth glazing, provide fluid transitions from room to room.

Learn all about the modum 8:10 HUF house in project sample 2!


Planning and building with HUF HAUS means making home living dreams come true in harmony with nature! The examples shown here are intended to give you some inspiration for your own dream house.

Incidentally, all the HUF timber-frame houses built from scratch according to plan specifications that are shown in the latest HUF HAUS compendium meet the standards of the KfW classification efficiency house 55, even with their basic fittings – at no additional charge. If desired, each new HUF house can also be built as a plus-energy house. 


HUF house MODUM 8

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