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What does a HUF house cost?
Choosing your dream house is an important decision that will affect your life for many years to come, so we want to give you a sincere answer to the question “what does a HUF house cost?”.
As each house is individual, each house must be priced individually, but your HUF HAUS specialist consultant can give you an idea of what to expect.

To which countries does HUF HAUS deliver?
HUF HAUS delivers throughout Europe.

I am a HUF HAUS owner and have technical questions.
Please contact our ServiceART department on +49 2626 761-131 or serviceart@huf-haus.com

Does HUF HAUS also build bungalows or commercial buildings?
Our product range includes not only detached houses, but also multi-family houses, townhouses and office parcs. Bungalows and commercial buildings are also among our products. Here you can convince yourself of our portfolio. If you have any questions about the various construction methods, please feel free to contact your HUF consultant.

How can I get information about the basic equipment of a HUF house and its construction?
In our HUF brochures you will find comprehensive information on our basic equipment and construction details. You are welcome to order it from us or ask your local HUF consultant. You can also read more about the basic equipment here.

Where can I find house sizes and plans in square metres?
Please have a look at our dream homes gallery!

What is the cleaning effort for large windows?
We recommend cleaning the windows once or twice a year. The wide roof overhangs at the gables and eaves of the house offer protection from the weather.

Why is a planning agreement associated with costs?
A planning agreement has several advantages. You will receive a detailed CAD plan as well as a detailed 3D plan of your dream house. The costs for the planning agreement are settled in the purchase contract.

Do you also offer properties?
Our expert consultants will be happy to assist you on site in your search for a plot of land.

Isn't the house too warm in summer?
The temperature can be regulated by timely shading of the rooms and controlled ventilation of the living space.

What is the procedure before moving in?
The way to your dream house can be summarized in six steps.

Are HUF houses healthy to live in?
Detailed information can be found on our HUF Advantages page.

How can I visit the HUF village in Hartenfels?
You could write an e-mail to the HUF Village or call them at the following number: +49 2626 761 200. To optimise your visit, and for us to assist you best, please be so kind as to inform us of your choosen date and time for your visit.

What is the best way to get to Hartenfels?
From the UK we recommend flying to Cologne or Frankfurt. Both airports are about 1 hour from the HUF Village. Unfortunately, there is no railway station in Hartenfels. You could rent a car at the airport or take a train at the airport to "Montabaur". From there it is only 20 minutes by taxi. As an accommodation we would recommend Hotel Heinz.

HUF HAUS would be delighted to receive your visit and we welcome you to explore and discover the innovative timbered architecture in its diversity.