Building a timber frame house

Timber frame house - energy-efficient and sustainable

Anyone who can call a HUF house his own has not only opted for a design classic, but lives in a unique living atmosphere in a particularly sustainable and energy-efficient way.

Each house is made exclusively of healthy materials that are biologically sound. However, it is not only the right material in the best quality that counts, HUF HAUS' sustainability concept also includes the production routes, the selection of suppliers and the continuous improvement of the ecological life cycle of the house.

The special quality of the houses and the sustainable construction have already been awarded several times by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB): The new show house in Mannheim and the energy-saving house in London received the highest recognition with the platinum award.

For you in concrete terms, this means that every modern timber frame house is DGNB Gold certified even in its basic configuration - green living in a half-timbered house guaranteed!

Prefabricated house or timber frame house?

Who is on the search for its dream house, stumbles inevitably also over the term prefabricated house. At HUF HAUS this means using the advantages of prefabrication in our own production. The monitoring of the complex production processes directly on site in Hartenfels enables a consistently high quality of each individual component.

Thanks to the extensive prefabrication of the elements, HUF's own assembly teams can assemble the house on site as quickly as possible. A short construction period, planning reliability and a fixed moving in date are therefore a matter of course for a prefabricated house.

A HUF house is therefore a timber frame house in the architectural sense and a prefabricated house from a production point of view. In this way, the best advantages of production are used for the ultra-modern architect's house in traditional post and beam architecture. Convince yourself of our concept during a visit to our show house centre in Hartenfels or an exciting production tour!

Keep an eye on the costs for your timber frame house!

The construction of a prefabricated timber frame house has many advantages, including planning security and a fixed price guarantee. Thanks to the detailed planning, you know exactly what costs you will incur.

You will find out the price for your individual timber frame house in a personal conversation with your specialist advisor - because this is the only way we can work out a serious budget for you that is tailored to your property and life situation.

"Skeleton house" - developed by HUF HAUS for the future

From antiquity to the 19th century, timber frame buildings were the dominant construction method north of the Alps. In addition to the high availability of the raw material wood, it was the many tangible advantages that founded the great "career" of this type of construction. If today we admire the pretty timber frame houses in the historic cities of Germany or choose the German half-timbered road as our itinerary, it is usually the facades and their rich decorations that fascinate us.

The fact that behind the decorative and structured facades lies an extremely clever and progressive construction usually remains hidden from the layman.

The proven construction method is also known as skeleton construction. This term has its origin in the human skeleton, which, just like the skeleton house, is a self-supporting construction. All further components, like the infill of the wall elements, the ceilings and floors as well as the roof are carried by the construction. 

Only in the second half of the 20th century did the enormously successful construction principle almost fall into oblivion. The decision made in 1972 by the entrepreneur Franz Huf to help classic timber construction to a new career must be regarded as all the more courageous. The willingness to learn from the old master builders and to combine them with a new architectural vision is the nucleus of the unique success of the HUF HAUS brand.

With the current HUF HAUS product portfolio, the art of timbered construction has reached its peak for the time being. But development will not stand still. After all, this special construction method has always changed with the needs of its time and has always mastered new challenges. In our epoch it is the high demands on energy efficiency that have to be met in order to meet the increased responsibility for environmental and climate protection.

Would you like to build a timber frame house - Chose the original!