Buying a modern house

Many people who buy modern homes, no matter whether it is a modern bungalow, a modern wood house or a modern townhouse, are interested in style and comfort. They have recognised that the clean lines and minimalist designs provide a quiet elegance, reducing the busyness of living and doing away with unnecessary distractions.  At the same time, the ease of life made possible through modern technological advances that can be incorporated into a modern house adds to the peacefulness of the experience.

Big modern houses from HUF HAUS are stylishly attractive from an architectural point of view, with a technological know-how capable of making your life decidedly easier.  Also smaller modern house plans can be easily designed by the experienced HUF architects.

Modern glass houses are smart

For many homeowners, the digital home has become indispensable. Being able to control light, shading, music, alarms or the temperature at the touch of a button is no longer a futuristic dream. Your HUF HAUS has a host of smart house controlled possibilities based on a KNX system.  

Based on your requirements, HUF experts will create customized automation to whatever level you chose. The network can be upgraded at any time and can be extended with various components. The built-in technology is integrated nearly invisibly into the house construction. Modern flat roof houses or any other modern house concepts can be equipped with smart technology.

Super modern houses have style

The classic timbered architecture of HUF HAUS is based on the architectural reinterpretation of Fachwerk and Tudor styled post and beam houses of the past. By taking the post and beam construction method and re-imagining it into a contemporary context, HUF HAUS is able to modernise a classic building technique and re-adapt it for the twenty-first century.

Our clients appreciate the timeless appeal of our modern take on a centuries old building method. They value the benefits of modern architecture where open spaces and generous floor plans are designed for the way we live today. For many, the technology that can be incorporated into a modern dream house means that it will adapt to suit them well into the future.  

A well designed modern contemporary home appeals to people of all ages because it can enhance your lived experience whether you’re eight years old or eighty. Our clients confirm that living in a HUF HAUS is life changing.

Modern energy efficient homes

Throughout its history, HUF HAUS has been ground-breaking in its delivery of modern innovative building design and engineering – leading the way in implementing pioneering technology ahead of building regulations.

Since 2010, HUF HAUS has installed underfloor heating systems, powered by heat pumps, as standard. House owners can also chose the innovative “heating with ice” system for their modern house project.

The system exploits the process of crystallisation; harvesting the energy which is produced by the process of cold water transforming to ice. The process of water freezing and thawing is perpetually repeated, creating a constantly regenerating energy system managed by an advanced control centre. Heat from the crystallisation process is released during the phase transition from 0 degrees cold water to 0 degrees cold ice. The energy corresponds approximately to the quantity of energy required to heat water from 0 to 80 degrees.   

The system remains fully operational throughout the seasons, and regardless of whether it is overcast or at night. In summer months, heat is drawn from the solar air collector, and during the cold season, additional heat is provided by an underground ice storage tank.

If the advanced control centre recognises that the solar energy supply will not cover the home’s heating and hot water requirements, the system will instantly draw the additional heat from the underground ice tank, where heat is generated from the controlled crystallisation process.

Building a modern family house with HUF HAUS means building a modern eco home!

Modern houses