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With a changed life situation, the desire for more space grows - house extensions, a redesign of the garden or an increase in height make new rooms possible. Those who already live in their own four walls can thus find creative solutions.

There are a number of different possibilities for this, which either retain the original character of the house or create an attractive architectural contrast. When you decide to work with HUF HAUS, you are relying on proven quality and the tradition of many decades.

We will be happy to send you initial information in the form of detailed information material by post. Alternatively, we would be pleased if you downloaded our PDF "FREIRAUM", which will give you a comprehensive orientation on all your possibilities.

Maximum comfort and space

Maximum comfort and space

The question of what a house with an extension has to offer can be answered quickly: more space. Above all with limited property surfaces in dense residential areas building in the height is recommended. The advantage consists in the fact that with the addition around a further floor no large expenditure is necessary and already after few days a rain-tight new building part develops. The house cultivation costs can be scaled exactly and understand themselves when desired inclusive of certain additional services.

In other words, you are fully flexible in the way you wish the extension to your existing house and can look forward to a noticeable appreciation of your property. It goes without saying that we check the development plan for your residential area in advance and work consistently in accordance with local regulations.

You don't have to leave the house yourself during the conversion phase, just watch the new rooms grow and look forward to the result! In addition, you benefit significantly from the fact that no new land needs to be acquired and no additional areas - such as in the garden - need to be sealed.

The character of a  modern house with an extension on the roof can best be compared to that of a loft. Additional surfaces of more than 200 square meters are with HUF HAUS on the agenda and are implemented in agreement and harmony with the existing building fabric. The floor plans are always generous and floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows bring you a good deal closer to the sun.

The modern house extension is carried out with a modern flat roof and proves to be particularly efficient. As in all our other buildings in modern half-timbered architecture, we comply with the KfW classification as an efficiency house 55. Tell us where you live and we will name one or more show houses in the immediate vicinity. As the family business from the Westerwald is represented throughout Europe, we are sure to have the right example for you.

Strong appreciation in value

Strong appreciation in value

A prefab house with an extension is also an investment in the future, because the extension is also an individual architectural achievement. This means that we make you a concrete offer as soon as we have got to know the local conditions and your individual wishes. You can look forward to the fact that we have already successfully implemented many a house with an extension and can therefore quickly grasp situations and make meaningful assessments.

Included in the house extension costs is always the planning by one of our experienced HUF architects. Especially in the case of an extension or extension of an existing living space, the first step is to analyse the statics and condition of the existing building. Particular attention is paid to the supporting structure and the materials used. When the structural engineers give the "green light", the complex planning process begins. Not only the new part of the building has to be thought through, but also the transition to the existing structure, which has to be designed as harmoniously as possible.

The execution is then carried out including the complete construction management, extensive documentation as well as many high-quality details in the interior finishing. How about visiting our HUF village in Hartenfels, where six show houses are waiting for you? Or you can contact us directly and arrange a non-binding appointment. We look forward to seeing you and explaining the advantages of house extensions to you.

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