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Why it makes sense to build prefab buildings with HUF HAUS? The principle of the timber frame construction of HUF prefab buildings allows flexible construction with almost no restrictions and compromises. With variable floor plans, different dimensions and very personal equipment. In this way, the most diverse buildings can be realised in a fascinating way - whether restaurant, indoor swimming pool, canteen or even fire station. Especially for the combination of several buildings, i.e. an entire ensemble, the varied, aesthetic structure of the modern timber house is ideal.

Economy through modern synergies in prefab buildings

Economy through modern synergies in prefab buildings

The days of purely "functional buildings" are long gone. If you want to meet the demands of investors, building owners, users and tenants today, you have to offer much more than the mere fulfilment of functional requirements.

Prefabricated office buildings: HUF HAUS has set itself the goal of building a working and living environment for working people in which well-being and motivation are created. The striking timber architecture, combined with floor-to-ceiling glazing, creates light-flooded and bright rooms that promote creativity and at the same time do good for mind and soul. As is well known, healthy sunlight also promotes a positive state of mind. Successful management also means being energy-efficient and, if desired, self-sufficient. HUF HAUS offers sensible heating systems for modern office buildings that offer comfort and are easy on the wallet. Photovoltaic concepts are individually developed and budgeted for each building.

Smart building technology has also long been a must in every new office building and ensures even more comfort and security. Plan your smart office together with the experts from HUF HAUS. Would you like to be able to call up the current power consumption at any time? Or switch off the light automatically if everything is still brightly lit after work? No problem, with intelligent KNX networking, HUF HAUS system integrators program the building functions according to your wishes.

Samples for Office Buildings

Samples for Office Buildings

Future-oriented companies are increasingly looking for synergies in office centres. Among other things, HUF HAUS realises attractive office parks, which are an attraction for up-and-coming companies due to their wood and glass architecture. The modularity of the timber structure creates a high proportion of net space.

Combined with excellent energy efficiency, this results in a high level of economic efficiency. But HUF HAUS can also implement projects such as retirement homes, hotel complexes or fire stations without any problems.