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Build a house with HUF HAUS

Experience the innovative timbered architecture of HUF HAUS in its diversity. Realise your dream home, which is planned and built according to your wishes – turn-key, on time, energy-efficient and of the highest quality. With the expressive symbiosis of wood and glass, every HUF house has a distinctive character and will enhance your quality of life as sunlight and the natural world are brought directly into your living space.

More than simply an end-result HUF HAUS offers you the realisation of an individually planned construction project that is dealt with by competent and dedicated professionals from beginning to end. The entire process is therefore uncomplicated, swift and stress-free for you as a client because the HUF specialists not only take care of the coordination of all trades, but also ensure the highest quality with every single design detail. HUF HAUS stands for outstanding quality, that’s why time and time again clients have chosen to build with us. 

More than 10,000 customers have already chosen to live in a HUF prefabricated house.

    Your benefits at a glance

    • Experience our HUF show home "Riverview"
    • Family business with over 108 years of experience
    • Turnkey design houses made of timber and glass
    • Spacious, generous and open-plan design
    • Use of premium quality building materials
    • All services from a single supplier with the specialists from the HUF Group
    • Specialist for special solutions - Europe-wide
    • Extensive architectural services during the planning phase
    • Project-related detailed planning for your heating, sanitary
      and electrical systems by our engineers
    • Exclusive equipment for your HUF house
    • After-warranty service with ServiceART experts
    • Live fit out at the Design Centre and in the HUF Village
    • Annual HUF Club meetings
    • Gold Series Certification of the German Sustainable Building Council
    • Awards and seals of approval with top marks

    Glass. Light. Character.

    Did you know?

    HUF HAUS offers much more than a house for the UK market. Together with the respective specialists from the group of companies,
    HUF house owners can design their projects’ entire service chains from a single supplier.

    Each company in the HUF Group has extensive experience in its special field and has been working for many years
    for and with the special requirements of innovative HUF timber frame architecture.
    At the same time, all of these companies are successful in the market beyond their cooperation with HUF HAUS.

    This ensures that services and costs always remain competitive.

    Interesting facts about building a prefabricated house with HUF HAUS

    108 years of experience in Premium-Prefab construction

    108 years of experience in Premium-Prefab construction

    A company that is successfully operating in the third generation and is about to start the fourth can not only be proud of the past but can also promise a good future to employees and customers with confidence. With 108 years of experience, HUF HAUS is today the European market leader for modern timber frame architecture.

    Your project in the best hands

    Anyone who chooses a state of the art prefabricated house from HUF HAUS can be sure that they will be well looked after, even many years after the house is complete. During the warranty period and beyond, the ServiceART team will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the upkeep, refurbishment, extension or modernization of your home.

    As times change, so do tastes and preferences. You may find that after a number of years you would like a new bathroom or a living room extension. ServiceART is your customer care team ready to assist you with all you post completion needs. As a HUF house owner, you automatically become a member of the HUF Club, which invites owners for periodic events to stay in touch with us and meet other HUF house owners. We look forward to welcoming you into the HUF family!

    Building prefab houses

    Building prefab houses

    Once upon a time, a prefab was a basic construction - functional but architecturally uninspiring. Welcome to a new breed of prefab!

    The tailor-made HUF HAUS homes are bold and elegant, not to mention highly energy efficient and entirely individual. These exquisite houses incorporate the benefits of prefabrication to enhance their features. The factory construction under ideal controlled conditions ensures the highest standards of quality and assures that the on-site assembly runs smoothly and quickly.

    HUF HAUS has embraced the benefits of prefabricated construction and combined them with innovative design and true craftsmanship. The result is a house that boasts of expansive external glazing despite being exceptionally energy efficient. It features a very fast build time but with zero on-site waste. It is noted for its bespoke architecture where every house is individually designed for a specific client and yet it is a prefabricated house, factory built.

    The days when prefabricated houses meant uniformity and cheap construction are long gone. On the contrary, more and more builders are discovering the advantages of prefabricated houses.

    The plannability, speed and quality are particularly valued: prefabricated houses are - as the name suggests - completely prefabricated in the factory and erected within a few weeks on a prepared cellar or base slab. The individual elements form functional units. This guarantees minimum dimensional tolerances and the absence of dreaded thermal bridges. Prefabricated houses are always also energy-saving houses.

    Of course, all this also applies to HUF's "prefabricated houses".
    The generous glazing with fine wooden support elements constitutes the first significant difference to conventional prefabricated houses. The triple insulated thermal glazing must thereby have the same thermal performance as a thermally insulated wall. On the one hand, heat must be kept in the house; additionally, the house will not get too hot in bright sunshine.

    Each piece of glass is a high-tech product: vapour-plated with a reflective layer and filled with a noble gas that prevents heat transfer, the glazing achieves sensational insulation values - and give the HUF Haus its unmistakable transparent appearance and bright interior spaces.

    When is a prefab home a prefab home?

    When is a prefab home a prefab home?

    The load-bearing parts are mainly made of timber. Relatively delicate horizontal and vertical wooden beams bear the load and redefine tried and tested principles of timber-frame construction. The durability and longevity of the timbered principle can still be admired in many old towns today. 500-year-old half-timbered houses are not uncommon - even if the sometimes eccentrically-inclined beams do not serve as the model. Today's glued and joined timber constructions have long since overcome this disadvantage.

    What remains is sustainability. As a renewable raw material, wood combines ecology with economy. The vast majority of prefabricated houses today are built from wood, as no other material combines so many positive properties. Nevertheless, there are unmistakable differences to conventional prefabricated houses: Modern HUF timber frame houses are not manufactured according to either the classic timber frame construction method or the solid timber construction method. The slender timber-glass construction forms a latticework resembling a skeleton - the characteristic feature of the so-called skeleton construction method.

    Finally, this type of construction ensures individuality. No two HUF houses are the same, since the individual parts of the "skeleton" can be rearranged in almost endless ways, completely as the owner wishes.

    Our ultimate conclusion: Discussion of whether an HUF house is a prefabricated house or not is purely academic.
    HUF houses combine all the advantages of prefabricated houses with an unmistakable timber-glass look and a modern timbered design.

    The overall package ensures that this building style is becoming more and more popular both nationally and internationally, and that is ultimately what matters.

    Lasting happiness with HUF HAUS

    Lasting happiness with HUF HAUS

    It has long been tradition that HUF HAUS will be there for you far beyond the happy day you move into your new home, be that via periodic house inspections, adaptations to new living requirements or the annual events of the HUF Club.

    Even in his early years as an entrepreneur, Franz Huf considered that personal contact with the building owners, even after handing over the house, was particularly important.

    "I also made a habit of visiting every buyer personally after handing over the house – and not just out of courtesy. I was simply interested in how people fill our house with life and turn it into a home."

    More about ServiceART

    Healthy building and living

    Healthy building and living

    Whether you want to build a semi-detached house, a single-family house or a multi-storey apartment building - with HUF HAUS you will always be building ecologically! All houses that leave the factory have the Gold Award of the German Sustainable Building Council (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen e. V.). (DGNB) - at no extra charge.

    Why did HUF HAUS opt for DGNB certification?

    "We deliberately chose to get certification from the DGNB because this is about the overall performance of our houses, which is consists of many different and very complex components. This demanding testing process can be compared to a decathlon - just like the motivated athlete who has to prepare as best as possible for many different disciplines, we work with great commitment and energy on every detail, no matter how small, to achieve our goal - the development of sustainable living designs in a unique architectural language", says Christoph Schmidt, member of the HUF HAUS management board.

    The DGNB's assessment is not based on individual measures; the strict certification criteria include the idea of comprehensive sustainability and the so-called overall performance of the building.

    Along with many other aspects, the DGNB auditor carrying out the assessment thoroughly examines the environmentally compatible procurement of materials, the company's ecological balance sheet and efficient production processes.

    On request, every HUF house can also be awarded the DGNB platinum seal!