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All HUF customers who want to build a turnkey home have one thing in common: The desire to move into their new home relaxed and without time pressure, while still having the most individual demands and wishes for their future home.


Did you know?

All HUF customers who want to build a turnkey home have one thing in common: The desire to move into their new home relaxed and without time pressure, while still having the most individual demands and wishes for their future home.

If you include HUF HAUS in your considerations about house building, you will not only find a ready-to move in timber house in characteristic timber frame architecture: Behind the detached house made of timber and glass there is much more than you might think at first glance. The construction, which has been perfected over decades, accommodates, among other things, the highly complex technology that makes every HUF house a smart home - and that invisibly behind the scenes.

The harmonious combination of technology and architecture is only possible in a turnkey house, because our client can obtain all the services required for their project from a single source.

From planning to moving in, HUF HAUS is your single point of contact, taking care of all your personal wishes. Many building owners are very busy and professionally engaged and have little time to takecare of the coordination of the various building trades. The HUF group of companies is a team of specialists who are responsible for the interior fittings and all technical services of your timber frame house.

What does it mean to build a turnkey prefabricated house?

Legally there is no clear definition of the term "turnkey ready" - but for your HUF house the scope of services is transparent and clear:
So compare the services, at HUF HAUS you will find out quite transparently what belongs to your house:

In the HUF HAUS family business, turnkey construction starts right at the beginning of your project planning. The site inspection as well as the first draft planning and the subsequent detailed planning are included in your service package. With the implementation plans, the experienced HUF architect finalises your prefabricated timber house and takes care of the approval process with the building authorities.

Turnkey also means that HUF HAUS takes over the construction management during the entire construction process. Important components such as project-related detailed planning for your heating, electrical and sanitary installations are developed for you by HUF engineers. How else could the house be perfectly coordinated?

Our services also include the individual ventilation concept and a detailed documentation of the construction supervision, which is handed over to you after handing over the house.

When you come to the exciting fit-out days at the large exhibition centre in Hartenfels, you'll be choosing the details of your interior design, among other things. Numerous well-known products are waiting to be discovered - at no extra cost, because the basic equipment offered is already included in your basic house price. Of course, this also includes the high-quality equipment options in the sanitary area. The production of the stairs and doors requires a high degree of technical precision and is decisive for the perfect integration into the striking timber construction. 

Turnkey houses - services in detail

No matter whether you are building a turnkey house in Bavaria, Germany or in the UK: The scope of services for your HUF house is always clearly defined and communicated transparently. This is very simple, because all services come from one source - this is the only way to guarantee the highest quality for your HUF House in every building phase.

Many highlights belong to the turnkey equipment of your prefabricated house, for example:

  • the generously glazed gable
  • floor-to-ceiling glazing with clerestory
  • the characteristic wide roof overhangs on the gable and eaves sides
  • A particularly stable and secure front door
  • triple glazing  
  • environmentally friendly heating system
  • Floor coverings
  • all tiles skirting boards
  • lastered interior walls  
  • Doors from our own production

What does a turnkey house from HUF HAUS cost?

The prices for HUF houses vary depending on the size of the house and your personal wishes. The basic price of a HUF HAUS house includes many high-quality equipment features that are a basic part of the turnkey houses from HUF HAUS. Anyone wishing to have a duplex house or terraced house will benefit from the same top-quality furnishing highlights.

You will find out the costs for your individual project after talking to one of our sales consultants in your area. Since HUF HAUS exclusively builds individual architect houses that are optimally adapted to the property conditions and the wishes of the residents, we also calculate each budget very individually.

Moving into your new home

Besides the fascination during the building process, you will certainly be most looking forward to moving into your dream house. After the last quality control on the day of delivery you can move in immediately and enjoy your life in harmony with nature!

Of course we will not leave you alone even after the long-awaited move-in. Should customer service work become necessary despite all care, our team from ServiceART will be at your side with competent advice and assistance - even after the warranty period.

Turnkey construction with HUF HAUS - the European market leader for modern timber frame houses made of timber and glass.

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