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Life in the countryside

Give way to the Grazers of Butjadinge! This green peninsula in Lower Saxony rules that sheep and cows have right of way – and whilst this law might take visitors by surprise, it’s just another day for the Butjadinge residents and herds. These rural speed calming measures allow for the beautiful landscape, bountiful in North Sea air, lush meadows and picturesque beaches, to be fully absorbed at a slower pace.

Another cherished feature of the north is the distinguishable architecture. As the HUF HAUS architectural heritage sits perfectly amongst characteristics of the region, this modern HUF MODUM with red brick façades feels ‘right at home’.

In place of the HUF HAUS distinctive white render wall panels, these russet slips were used along with a red tiled pitched roof to compliment the regions architectural style, both exciting contrasts, but also offering unique protection from wind and weather. 

Focus on healthy living

Standing at 10,000 square meters, with generous glazing, the careful design blends harmoniously to complement the landscape – and with only a dyke and busy cycle path to separate the home from the World Heritage Site and Wadden Sea, many a hiker or cycling enthusiast can be found gazing upon this extraordinary white post-and-beam home in awe.

What drove the desire for your HUF Home? ‘I'm asthmatic and very sensitive against materials and building materials. So bad in fact, that in the past, I had to move out of my flat because of the health problems it inflicted. With HUF HAUS I could literally breathe in the quality. My senses felt it. Plus, as nature lovers, what could be better than our own cinema showing exclusive films of nature, daily?! Here, from our wooden home lookout, we know the resident hare, and it knows us’ recalls the owner happily.

More details about the house

House: MODUM 7
Heating: Heat pump
Dimensions: 8,90 m x 11,30 m
Roof pitch: 30°
House footprint: 100,57 m²
Features: Slip bricks facade

Modern architectural concept

Inside, the HUF HAUS design layout is open, with floor-to-ceiling glazing to allow an uninterrupted visual gateway to the outside nature and environment. With a ceiling opening allowing further light to enter the home. The living, dining and cooking area is directly adjacent to the surrounding wooden terrace which nestles against the house like a footbridge and entices you to step outside. The Master bedroom, with an integrated dressing room, is located on the upper floor with a balcony attached to delight in the views, and a spacious bathroom and guest room can be found on the opposite side. The ‘communication’ and fluidity between every room was very important to the couple during the design and planning phase.


Ground floor

First floor


HUF house MODUM 7