The Company

Entrepreneurship with a sense of family since 109 years

If you have been doing business successfully over three generations and are preparing a fourth to do the same, you can both be proud of the past and also promise your employees and customers a bright future with a clear conscience.

Your project is in good hands
If you are looking for a reliable partner to build a house, one of the most important life decisions, you will be in good hands with HUF HAUS!

The name HUF represents the aspiration and commitment of a family that has been managing and shaping the company over three generations, placing equal emphasis on commercial strength and stability as on managers and employees taking responsibility for the continuity of the business. This sharing and constructive approach creates the motivation for exceptional performance. Our carefully selected suppliers are not "sub-contractors" but equal partners who are actively involved in the continuous improvement of the HUF House

Passion in Wood since 1912


Johann Huf founded the company


Employees are realising your dream home


Hectar is the size of the HUF premises


Trainees are working at HUF HAUS

HUF HAUS - Das Original seit 1912

HUF HAUS is a family run company with 109 years’ experience of innovative design and construction. 

In a revolutionary shift, HUF HAUS created the ‘FACHWERKHAUS’ (post and beam house) 2000’ in 1972 – a flagship design that would underpin the company’s architectural approach for years to come. Over 40 years later, ‘FACHWERKHAUS 2000’ has evolved to deliver energy efficient and sustainable homes, demonstrating the forward thinking ethos integral to HUF HAUS, which remains ahead of its time.

The HUF HAUS ethos has expanded to include various sister companies including StilART, the HUF HAUS bespoke furniture company;  MalerBodenART, which specialises in exclusive floor coverings, rendering and painting; and GartenART – which oversees gardens and landscape architecture. 

Now in its third generation, HUF HAUS is preparing to welcome its fourth generation of the Huf family to the helm.

The HUF HAUS philosophy delineates that a luxury lifestyle and eco-friendly approach are not mutually exclusive. This has led the company to refine every component of its designs continuously to achieve the pinnacle of maximum energy efficiency, all the while retaining and improving the aesthetic quality and desirability of its homes. 



Competence and enthusiasm

Planning, building, financing, fitting-out and handing over a ready to occupy, highly customised HUF house to the customer is a complex process that requires perfect teamwork from all involved. Employees at HUF HAUS therefore must possess not only professional competence but also an outstanding level of team spirit. To develop this team spirit and ensure it endures, it is embedded as a deep foundation of the corporate culture of HUF HAUS.

A worthwhile goal - enthusiastic and satisfied customers.

Each HUF House is unique and, as befits an architect-designed house, uses no "standard blueprint" plans. Rather, customers' wishes are captured in a bespoke design that takes into account the location and context of the site. This is the very reason why team work begins at the outset with the consultation and planning phase. It continues through production planning, manufacturing, assembly and fit-out. A team of specialists works together on each task and brings to every one a further quality - enthusiasm for the amazing product that is a HUF house and for each project that is only complete when the householders share that same enthusiasm, fully satisfied with the end result.


The HUF HAUS company has been managed for three generations by members of the Huf family. Since his appointment, the Managing Director Georg Huf has presided over continuous solid growth and established HUF HAUS as an international brand.

His son Benedikt is already working in the company and will take over the business in a few years. He represents the fourth generation.

Brief profile Georg Huf: 

  • Born 1956
  • 1978-1980 trained as a banker
  • 1981 entered the family business as a regional salesman
  • 1984 promoted to Sales Manager
  • 1996 appointed Managing Partner
  • Was Board member of the German Fedral Society for Pre-manufactured Housing (BDF)
  • Was Vice-President of the European Federation of Pre-manufactured Building (EFV)

Brief profile Benedikt Huf:

  • Born 1987
  • Professional experience as a banker for three years
  • Studied Business administration with focus on real estate and construction 
  • Since 2012: Member of the Managment team
  • 2016: Authorised Officer of the Company


  • HUF HAUS is a member of the BDF (Federal Association of German Prefabricated eV, Leipzig) and thus also in the European Union Prefabrication Association
  • HUF HAUS is a member of the QDF (Quality Associationof German Prefabricated eV, production, assembly and  quality control)
  • HUF HAUS is a member of the BMF (Federal Quality Assurance Association for construction and prefabricated houses eV, Bad Honnef)
  • HUF HAUS is a member of the DGfH (German Society for Wood Research, Munich)
  • HUF HAUS is a member of the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council)
  • HUF HAUS is subject to ongoing monitoring of the product group in accordance with ÖNORM B 2320 timber buildings by Wood Research Austria