HUF Advantages

Glass. Light. Character.

Spacious, generous and open-plan – these are the attributes of exclusive architecture that
interprets modern living andlifestyle in a new way.

The German Society for sustainable Building Council awarded HUF HAUS the Gold Standard Recognition Award, denoting that each constructed HUF home
not only boasts distinctive character, but best quality to meet Gold Standard Certification.

Discover the Difference.
HUF HAUS - The Original.


seconds are required to grow the wood for a house again


years of experience in building houses


percent of the HUF houses are build in black


HUF houses are located in the UK

Good reasons for HUF HAUS

What are the advantages of building a HUF house?

 “We drive quality to the limits of the technically feasible and always strive to be a step ahead of our clients’ high expectations”
It is with this approach that HUF HAUS established itself as the benchmark and example for the national and international construction industry.

Not all quality features in a HUF house are noticed at first glance. Many will be appreciated and proven
by the test of time. We want to name just a few for you...

Crafted with only the Finest Materials

Passion for Wood

Did you know that HUF HAUS build exclusively with Nordic spruce wood?

Chamber-dried, weather-resistant slats of 33 mm Nordic Spruce is delivered as to the HUF HAUS factory. It is here they are individually selected for your home and to comply with definitive quality standards.

Independent tests conducted by industry specialists have found that, even after many years, the wood (Nordic Spruce) installed in our show house builds has maintained the same moisture content from inception– only between 10 and 12% and unchanged from its delivery to our factory.

The high-quality wood has been correctly dried, correctly integrated and well maintained within our constructions; thus proving it extremely durable and sustainable for the life of our designs.  
In summary: HUF HAUS principally install only quality certified and environmentally-friendly materials in every HUF House.

Harmonious Blend

Living as one with Nature

Uninterrupted glazing creates a fluid and harmonious connection from the inside of your HUF house, to the outside world. The frameless floor-to-ceiling design has an especially eye-catching clerestory feature on both the gables and the eaves of the house.

HUF HAUS uses special quality controlled highly insulated triple glazing:

  • U-value: 0.5 W/m2K according to DIN EN 673
  • G-value: 0.48 to DIN EN 410
  • Sound resistance: 41 Db

The outstanding quality of our glazing delivers three chief benefits, simultaneously:

  • Protection from cold temperatures
  • Protection from heat caused by solar radiation
  • Protection against external sound; such as urban surrounding or road sources


Natural daylight keeps you healthy

Shining Light

The innovative post and beam architecture of a HUF HAUS has a captivating, expressive appearance. Wooden beams teamed with generous glazing form a visual gateway to the surrounding nature, allowing access to light at all times of day.

The generous glazing of a HUF homes provides more than a visual attraction- there are many positive health benefits to the HUF lifestyle.

As humans, we are mentally and physically adapted for the daylight, with more than 80 % of our sensory impressions transported by light. Therefore it is vital that we enjoy the healthy benefits given by sunlight. Other benefits, such as, free solar heat, outstanding thermal insulation, light flooded rooms and extensive views are just some of the welfares enjoyed by HUF house owner.

With the use of transparent architecture, HUF homes increase wellbeing and assure healthy living for the Mind, Body- and Soul.

The harmony between architecture and energy efficiency

True friends: Transparancy and Energy-Efficiency

Why transparent architecture and energy-efficiency are true friends at HUF HAUS:

Dedication towards the progressive development of energy efficiency has a long tradition at HUF HAUS. The latest mile stone on our journey is the HUF HAUS trade mark “green(r)evolution” establishing itself quickly as a widely successful model for innovative and energy efficient post and beam architecture.

The revolutionary HUF HAUS innovation for timber-frame buildings is that all wooden structural elements use a highly efficient thermal insulation layer. This unique insulation is prefabricated with great care and effort in the HUF HAUS plant.

"Thermal leakage", weak points in the thermal outer shell, is thus reduced to an absolute minimum. The energy efficiency thus realised obviates the need for mineral wool.

Perfectly Happy

Individual Designs

Each HUF House is individually designed for you by an experienced HUF HAUS architect. Your needs and wishes are the focal point of the design taking into account the land conditions, the climate and your budget.

"Since the house is located on an airpark, it was clear from the beginning that it would have to have a hangar. As a result, HUF HAUS built their first ever hangar which was perfectly matched for the size of the plane. 

The automatic gate is a special construction and came from the United States. When we sent over the measurements of the gate, they came back to us asking whether we could check the measurements again. They had never had to build a door for a garage or hangar which was exactly the same height on each side, by millimeter. They simply couldn´t believe it." Robbie Weston

Pleasure of Living

A life without barriers

The decision to build with HUF HAUS usually derives from the desire to live in an open-plan, communicative living environment; one that is flooded by light with a feeling of space and freedom.

Our smooth transitions between living spaces creates the feeling of ease and comfort.

Designs without restrictions; our bespoke homes are designed individually to client specification – with our HUF Bungalow concepts you can stay flexible at all times.

More than Homes

Carports and Garages

Building with HUF HAUS means to build with an experienced and reliable partner. A partner who offers a fully customised concept to turn your dream home and lifestyle into a reality.

HUF designed carports, garages or other outbuildings can stand alone while reflecting and mirroring the style and design of your home, or can be incorportated harmoniously into your property. 


Long lasting happiness

Life is full of changes, sometimes planned, sometimes not. It is important to have a reliable partner to continually provide great service even after you move into your dream home. 

HUF HAUS pride themselves on delivering excellent care during the entire process of your project. However, even with this conscious practice you should find any minor faults or imperfections, ServiceART are here to assist you. ServiceART provide speedy, flexible and reliable service thought the warranty period of your home and beyond.


Turn-key ready

HUF HAUS offers much more than just the house. By collaborating relevant specialists from the Group, the Huf Haus client can obtain all the services required for their project from a single source.

Every company in the HUF Group has extensive experience in its own field of expertise and has worked for many years with the particular requirements of HUF's innovative timber-frame architecture. At the same time, each of these companies is also successful in its own market outside the Group. This ensures that quality and costs always remain competitive.

Rely on 112 years of experience

If you have been doing business successfully over four generations and are preparing a fourth to do the same, you can both be proud of the past and also promise your employees and customers a bright future with a clear conscience.

Your project is in good hands
If you are looking for a reliable partner to build a modern timber-frame house, one of the most important life decisions, you will be in good hands with HUF HAUS!

The name HUF represents the aspiration and commitment of a family that has been managing and shaping the company over four generations, placing equal emphasis on commercial strength and stability as on managers and employees taking responsibility for the continuity of the business. This sharing and constructive approach creates the motivation for exceptional performance. Our carefully selected suppliers are not "sub-contractors" but equal partners who are actively involved in the continuous improvement of the HUF House.

Long lasting happiness

It is greatly important to HUF HAUS that special levels of care are maintained, way beyond the handover.  We follow a long standing company protocol that consists of periodical house checks, catering to fresh home desires and the orgainsing of annual HUF Club events- keeping clients’ needs at the forefront of our care.

Franz HUF set the precedence for continual customer care and highlights the importance of ongoing contact with each client:

“I made a point, where possible, of visiting each client after hand over. Not just out of courtesy but it interested me to see how people bring their homes to life with their individual living and design."

Franz Huf viewed himself, and the company, as reliable companions who would fulfil the clients’ wishes for a dream home.

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