Welcome to your detached house

The HUF architects gather wishes, expectations and ideas, along with the relevant local building regulations, to design the perfect feel-good home. We are fully
committed to creating individual solutions for you, your family and your unique home – without compromise.

Did you know?

Anyone who is faced with the decision to commit to a detached house in the future will always use heart and mind. After all, the house is the most intimate living space that you share with your most important fellow human beings over many years. The place where family happiness unfolds.

That's why aspects such as quality, comfort and function count just as much as atmosphere, aesthetics and a sense of space. Personal well-being can only unfold in the long term if these characteristics are combined. HUF HAUS offers you a wealth of building benefits so that you can enjoy the planning and construction process in a relaxed manner. These include, for example, construction financing as a first step. If you plan on a solid foundation, you can look to the future calmly. The experts at HUF HAUS Finanzierungsservices (for projects in Germany) will advise you free of charge and without obligation so that you have the costs of your detached house under control at all times.

Ask your heart and mind which of the two HUF HAUS product lines best suits you, your family and your future life:

HUF Haus MODUM - The new interpretation in modern timbered construction

The intelligent modular system of this newly developed timbered architecture enables spatial planning that can hardly be surpassed in its diversity.

HUF Haus ART - The classic in modern timbered construction

This multi-award-winning, constantly evolving and yet timeless architectural classic offers highly individual and sophisticated living space in close symbiosis with the surrounding nature.

Building a detached house with HUF HAUS: A choice that enriches your life

What are modern detached houses? Building a HUF house is all about your personal taste - that's why you benefit from the greatest possible design freedom when planning your floor plan. HUF HAUS does not offer a selection of houses, you create your individual dream house, which has only one thing in common with the many HUF houses in Europe: The love and connection to nature. The transparent architectural language allows you to experience the seasons, even the times of day, in a completely new way. An enrichment for body and soul.

Modern houses for families at a glance

Every HUF house is individually planned for you by experienced HUF HAUS architects. The focus is on your personal wishes and requirements. In addition, the property conditions, the climatic conditions of the region and last but not least the budget have to be considered. Below we present some examples of realized projects of the HUF house ART line as well as a number of variants of the new HUF house MODUM line.

Would you like to learn more about the architectural philosophy of your house?

HUF HAUS has developed a generous and open room concept from the conventional timbered construction, in which the construction is not dependent on load-bearing and thus separating walls. The more freely designed timber skeleton combines with large, floor-deep glass facades to create an architecture that allows for an open sense of space, provides a clear view and integrates the surrounding nature directly into the living experience. The elements timber and glass come together in the HUF house to form a typically reduced and clear design. HUF HAUS has thus created a new aesthetic that is timeless in its clarity and stringency and is consistently continued through to the interior design. In this way it is possible to create a harmonious overall concept in which interior and exterior architecture form an aesthetic unit. Over the years, HUF HAUS has skilfully adapted the transparent timber and glass architecture to the spirit of the times, refined it in detail and technically perfected it for you. Under the direction of the HUF architects, HUF HAUS has succeeded in recent years in making the construction of detached houses ever more energy-efficient and sustainable without compromising on design.