ART Special sample 3

A childhood dream
come true

The story of the house

A family in the Rheingau region has fulfilled their dream of owning their own home.Together with HUF HAUS they built an individually designed post-and-beam house, that is perfectly tailored to the needs of the entire family.

Building your own home is a heartfelt wish that is deeply rooted in many of us. As family planning approaches, the tender dream quickly turns into a solid plan. The moment family planning gets on the agenda, the subtle dream quickly turns into a solid plan and parents-to-be might set out to create a safe and loving home for a comfortable family life.

This was also the wish of a family intending to build in the Rheingau area. They wanted their own home to be something very special. The client herself grew up in a HUF house and still fondly remembers this feeling of freedom and security she experienced in it. Thus, what better place was there to start her own family? After visiting the show house, the couple agreed: “The quality of the materials, the actual room climate and the individuality of the design convinced us.”

More details about the house

House: ART Special
House footprint: 276,96 m² / 2981,8 sqft
Dimensions: 24,40 m x 12,00 m
Roof pitch: Flat roof
Total gross external area: 465,34 m²/ 5008,9 sqft
Features: Two full floor levels

Flexibility in all aspects of life

The guest room in the basement is certainly one of the special attractions: not only does it have access to the garden, but it also has its own shower room with adjoining dressing room. This allows guests to enjoy complete privacy – and the area can be used almost independently, for example for an au pair. When the daughter has grown up, she can create her own complete realm here. And thanks to the well-thought-out floor plan, the owners will always remain flexible. Even in old age they can continue to live comfortably on the first floor while a live-in caregiver can stay in the basement. Barrier-free access, for example, has already been considered: the front door is around 10 cm wider than standard and therefore wheelchair-accessible. The integrated KNX system, which can be used to conveniently control and regulate the home and heating technology, provides even more security and convenience.

The family that built their home in the Rheingau area has fulfilled their dream: A place has been created where the feeling of love and coziness can be passed on to the children and unforgettable memories can be created. However, there is still one more wish that remains to be realized: the pool – “exactly as it was designed in the visualization of our house.”


Ground Floor



HUF house ART Special