ART 6 sample 7


The story behind the house

This beautiful ART design is unparalleled in its symbiosis of architecture, technology and interior design. The sophisticated, dark grey timber frame and roomy spaces flow seamlessly into each other and combine exquisitely with carefully  coordinated, exclusive furnishings and art work.

The stunning design is the perfect complement to its cutting-edge  environmental technologies, like the award-winning heating system that stores ice and harvests energy from the change in state. In addition to this ground-breaking technology, energy is collected from the sun and surrounding air to heat and cool the house, ensuring a comfortable temperature all year round.

More details about the house

House: ART 6
House footprint: 226.24 m² / 2.435 sqft
Dimensions: 14.80 x 14.80 m + alcove
Roof pitch: 25°
Total gross external area: 440.00 m² / 4.736 sqft
Features: Heating with ice

A little piece of cosiness

In a collaboration between the international company B&B Italia, the architects of HUF HAUS and the HUF subsidiary StilART,
it has been possible to execute an interior-design concept that is a unique symbiosis of architecture and furnishings.
The carefully selected and skilfully positioned art objects provide dramatic contrasts to the clean line of the structure and the classic modern style of B&B Italia.


Ground floor

First floor


HUF house ART 6