A Modern Classic in timber framed architecture

Philosophy of architecture

While the trend towards building close to cities continues, building plots are becoming ever smaller and more expensive. At the same time, however, the desire for individual living space that meets personal needs and fits the respective life situation is increasing.

The building line HUF house MODUM, presented in 2013, corresponds to this new thinking with a concept for smart and sophisticated living. The individually planned houses of this building line are aimed at building owners who want to realize their personal dream of building - without having to make compromises in quality, individuality and design for cost reasons. HUF HAUS also offers modern timbered houses with an intelligent modular system, which can be realised on compact plots close to the city as well as on spacious plots in rural areas.

During the planning of the house, which continues to take place individually for each owner, the personal living space need is the center of attention. Therefore, no given floor plans are used, but only examples showing the variety of possible variations. The planning is based on square modules measuring 1.20 metres x 1.20 metres, which offer enormous flexibility in the dimensions of the house. They make it possible to adapt the floor plan perfectly to the given property format and to realise a generous living space programme for families of several people, even with compact dimensions.

Building owners can also individually design the exterior appearance of their house. The facades are divided into glass panels, wall panels, transoms and skylight levels and set exciting architectural accents. The noble, white coating of the ceiling on the ground floor, without visible beams, gives the houses of the MODUM building line a modern loft character.


HUF House MODUM - Highlights

  •  Triple glazing with quality-controlled thermal insulation glass.
  •  Floor-to-ceiling glazing and clerestory
  •  wide roof overhangs at gables and eaves
  •  Loft character due to white ceiling underside
  •  Glass façade on the ground floor with electrically operated external blinds (Venetian blinds)
  •  A clean aesthetic for indoors
  •  Plastered internal walls
  •  high-quality inside doors produced in-house
  •  Staircases are built by HUF HAUS with proven quality craftsmanship.
  •  Exclusive Sanitary Objects
  •  high-quality windows and tilt-turn doors
  •  particularly stable and secure front door
  •  heating system – comprising a modern air-water heat pump and underfloor heating
  •  Gold seal for all HUF houses of the German Sustainable Building Council (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen e.V.)