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"We want to build a bungalow!"  Anyone who has internalised this statement, dreams of barrier-free living on one level. The infinitely variable living concept is fully in line with the trend and is experiencing a new hype. The age of the building owners plays no role: Both young families and older married couples appreciate the advantages of the single-storey home and modern bungalow designs.

Bungalows are architecturally sophisticated, as all the desired rooms have to be accommodated barrierfree on one level. The right piece of land therefore plays an important role. Due to the higher space requirement - all rooms have to be accommodated on one level - the single-storey construction takes up more space than is the case with multi-storey projects.

But no matter on which property you build - the HUF architects plan your timber frame house flexibly and imaginatively and develop the suitable living concept together with you. This often raises the question: "May I build a bungalow with a basement? The answer is yes! A basement offers a lot of additional storage space. After all, your future home has to meet your daily needs. If you build without a basement, you have to plan enough space for a technical and utility room.

The competent planners at HUF HAUS will also clarify with you the question of which roof shape and which style best suits you, as there are numerous options. You decide whether it should be the ultra-modern flat roof - with plenty of scope for design in the floor plan - or perhaps the gabled roof with room heights up to the underside of the roof.

Bungalow design UK – flexible concepts

Bungalow design UK – flexible concepts

Those who want to build a bungalow dream of generosity in both, the floor plan design and in the choice of the right piece of land.

In some cases, planning an angled bungalow is the ideal solution. Here, the advantage of wind-protected terraces or outdoor seating is created. Who gets along without projections and setbacks or optically prefers this style, plans just as individually the suitable house floor plan. Because one thing applies to all variants of ground-level living: the constant dialogue with the surrounding nature; manifested by the floor-to-ceiling windows, the surrounding clerestory level and numerous accesses to the outside area.

When it comes to room arrangement, a bungalow offers a high degree of flexibility so that you can always react anew to changing life situations. This can be the case, for example, if several children's rooms have been planned initially, which can later be easily adapted as guest rooms or areas for nursing staff.

An extension with a garage, adjacent carport or other building elements is also possible. At the end of the day, you decide for yourself what your house offers...

The prefabricated bungalow: modern architecture meets turnkey construction method

The prefabricated bungalow: modern architecture meets turnkey construction method

A bungalow as a prefabricated house can easily be realised with HUF HAUS. The advantages are obvious and consist above all in the fast implementation and the high quality of workmanship. The individual construction elements are prefabricated throughout in the ultra-modern production halls in Hartenfels and together form so-called functional units. The HUF group of companies will carefully handle all construction-related services for you from a single source.

Significant for a HUF HAUS prefabricated bungalow is the area-wide use of triple-insulated thermal insulation glass, which is already included in the basic equipment. The floor-to-ceiling glazing in combination with the clear lines of the HUF timber frame architecture give the house not only outstanding energy efficiency, but also a unique appearance.

As timber plays a decisive role in the construction method, every architectural house, whether from the MODUM or ART series, receives something organic, something lively at the same time.

But what does the modern prefabricated bungalow look like?

The flat-roof version is generally considered a classic. The clarity of the lines makes you think remotely of the Bauhaus architecture and lends your house a high degree of modernity. The flat-roof version also offers unlimited freedom of design in terms of floor plan.

A touch of Far Eastern building and life culture, on the other hand, is conveyed by the version with a gabled roof. This variant stands for maximum spaciousness and delights in this context with its high ceilings. Exciting lines of sight open up, flooded by incident daylight.

Fascination HUF HAUS - experience luxury show homes live

Fascination HUF HAUS - experience luxury show homes live

How about the first step with a tour of a show house to get to know the topic of "building a bungalow"? In this context you will get a personal impression and can experience the fascination of HUF HAUS up close. In Hartenfels, the newly opened show house "Ausblick" shows how life on one level can be realised in a modern way. Whether as an office building or a detached house.

In addition, a visit to one of our show houses offers the opportunity for a personal discussion and gives your creativity and imagination the necessary framework to develop initial ideas for implementation.

In this phase you will also receive a serious offer, which will be calculated individually for you. The price depends on many factors, such as the size of the house, the desired technical equipment and the site conditions. All HUF HAUS projects are, of course, carried out on a turnkey basis.

Our conclusion: If you plan your bungalow barrier-free with HUF HAUS, you are well prepared for all future situations! If you want to build your dream bungalow and look forward to it for a long time to come, we are the right partner at your side.