Design concept sample 1

Atrium house

The objective

A sophisticated bungalow obscured from street view, with a closed facade and private courtyard.

Unique HUF clearstory glazing attracts further natural daylight in the rooms that face the street, ensuring natural light absorption throughout the day. The inner courtyard has been created to a Japanese design and is the focal point of the house – commanding attention upon entry.

As this design concept places nature at the centre stage, the transition from inside the home to the outside space is visually effortless, and extends the feeling of living area.
A living/dining area sits naturally within this environment and seamlessly blends into the landscape backdrop.

The inner courtyard creates a two wing aspect to this light abundant HUF house: offering both separate and collective living areas.

Envisage stepping into the spacious and bright bungalow and through to the living area as it joins a beautiful Japanese-style inner courtyard- you can experience a feeling of calm as the pleasing view of nature stands before you. As the terrace adjoins the living area and extends to the right, floor to ceiling windows flood the house with light as well as allowing unhindered views to the outside space.


More details about the house

House: HUF Bungalow
Living area: 148,65 m²
Dimensions: 11,30 m x 14,90 m
Features: japanese design
Features: atrium
Features: barrier-free

Openness comes to the forefront

Turning left from the bungalow entrance you are lead towards the airy atrium and from there, the bedrooms.
The atrium illuminates the path to the bedrooms and also the spacious living area.
By alternating open and closed elements towards the inner courtyard, new lines of sight and stimulating outlooks are created again and again.

Floor plan

Ground floor

3D Model

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Download model

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HUF Bungalow